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  1. I am not going to. The last time this happened they got their solicitors on to me and threatened to take me to court. I am buggered if after all this time I should pay up. Especially when all I am doing is paying the interest after the debt had been sold. The debt is 12 years old for Christ’s sake!
  2. Hi, long time since I last posted on this thread. 2 debts to GE Money. One paid back. The other, the last payment was in December 2013. Just received a letter asking me to contact them regarding the money owing on the account. I have had no contact Re this debt since 2014. It is enforceable. If I hold out till December this year, can I make it statute barred?
  3. Hi, just checked my OH's credit file. Lloyds registered a default against him in December 2012. They updated the default again it in June 2015. They then passed it on to Lowell who also registered a default in September 2015 for the same debt. Can they do this ?
  4. When I spoke to the solicitors, they told me that Link had instructed them to proceed with taking me to court.
  5. So what now? Can you explain to me in legal terms why they cannot take me to court?
  6. They might not, but their solicitors have. And they want to take me to court.
  7. Ok, Link now want Kearns to proceed with a CCJ. I have rung them and told them to freeze the account while I do a SAR. They agreed to hold for 7 days. Their other option is pay it back in 5 monthly instalments. I STILL maintain I don't owe them all that. How can I still owe the more than I was actually given credit for?!!! After 9 years?????
  8. I don't want to get taken to court .. Shall I ring them tonight and say I want to make payments?
  9. Have got the PPI claim running. I think I will SAR GE Money. Can you explain to me what you mean by reconstructing the loan? It's ok... I can see now How do I change the interest rates? That spreadsheet says I owe considerably less than what they say I do.
  10. They did not terminate the agreement before the sale to Link, so I am led to believe.
  11. When I asked her she said it was sold, and that GE Money no longer have anything to do with it. The debt is the responsibility of Link. I pushed her and said is it terminated? She didn't understand, went away and came back saying it wasn't terminated. But the debt was SOLD to Link and as of May 17th 2007 no longer the responsibility of GEMoney. Surely this means it is terminated?!!!!
  12. In short - yes I know I sound thick - the debt is sold ergo link cannot charge interest.
  13. Oh bloody hell!!! I am not stupid by a long shot, but I am confused now!!! When I spoke to the woman on the phone, she said the debt was sold. I said was it terminated and she said she didn't is what I meant. She reiterated that the debt had been sold and that it became the property of link and they owned the debt.
  14. They did sell the debt but did not terminate it. Now what?
  15. Bugger.... Do I specifically have to ask if they were terminated? I guessed that being sold meant they were terminated as well.... I assume then that that is not necessarily the case?
  16. Just rang GE Money. Both debts were SOLD to Link. What do I write to the solicitors now?
  17. Right, so if the account was terminated then they can't charge additional interest. It the debt was simply assigned then they can charge interest. How do you suggest I counter their claim from their letter?
  18. From the letter written by the solicitors "This matter relates to a Fixed-Sum Loan Agreement financed by GE Money Home Lending which was subsequently sold/ assigned to our client, Asset Link Capital (No 1) Limited on 17th May 2007." I need to find out which one it was.
  19. How do I put it into dispute? Write a letter outlining the dispute and stating that the acount is in dispute?
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