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  1. I took out £200 loan with wage advance just after Xmas. My monthly payments are £72 approx. I telephoned today to offer a full and final settlement and my offer was declined because not in arrears. I explained my circumstances have changed. The only offer they made was to force it into arrears and redo an affordability assessment and then make 6 payments . Every payment made is interest only the final payment is the loan amount plus interest (£272). Any advice appreciated
  2. when i went through the process years ago they were over 6 years old, and informed them that the debt was statute barred and also they had had not produced a legible credit agreement.
  3. hi everyone. Please give some advice on this issue. my 12 year old son has a pay as u go mobile in my name, I have noticed that there are a numbeer of texts from IQOR and Westcot also some mssed calls, it worrys me that he answers the phone to one, A number of years ago i did have dcas threatening me and followed the advive on here, i have not heard anything from them for a number of years I have registered the number on TPS but fear it is too late. I do not want to phone them as I do not want to contact them help .
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