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  1. However, my HSBC bank will be in Vietnam.My Natwest in England.
  2. Thanks for the response. Do British banks not have some sort of agreement? e.g. Wouldn't HSBC ask me about accounts in the UK. Does their customers remain secret and not accessible to other banks?
  3. I have a debt of £6,000 with Natwest. I am currently living in Vietnam. However, I have just landed a new job and the company want me to open a bank account with either of these 3 banks: Standard Chartered, HSBC or ANZ. Firstly, can Uk bank collect my debt in Vietnam? Or is there no credit agreement between the 2 countries. Secondly, will my UK Natwest be able to find me if I open an account with any of the 3 banks above? Regards, and Thanks.
  4. Thank you so much Brigadier. I will pass on this information to him, so he can get a goods nights sleep!
  5. So, what would be fraud in this matter? I ask because my brothers friend said that moving abroad and not letting the bank know, whilst absconding on payments would be fraud. I am confused.
  6. Brigadier, what if he has not contacted the bank or let them know that he has left the country?
  7. Hello, My brother has a £7000 debt with a UK bank. He lives in Asia at the moment. For a job he has applied to, he has been required to get a CRB form the UK. Will the debt show up on this?
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