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  1. Thanks for the advice. Basic question- if the DCA have been searching my credit file how does this tie in with them trying to land this unknown debt on me & how can I spot dodgy when I look at my credit report?
  2. I have written letters for OFT and Financial Ombudsman. As the last letter Rockwell sent me to was basically, 'we have seen your letter and will reply shortly' should i wait for their reply before making my complaint, as technically, having disputed their claims don't they then have 8 weeks to reply?
  3. just a quick question- the complaints form to send to the OFT is not laid out for individuals, but as has been said individuals can use it. In parts 1 & 2 it asks for 'your address' and 'clients address', which one shall i fill in? do i then fill in the rest putting my complaint in the spaces where it says- "a) When and how did your client first become aware of the debt collector?" etc etc. It is worth sending copies of letters sent to me by the DCA or is it just more efficient to email my form and then back up with copies of evidence later by post if needed? thanks
  4. Ok, thanks for the reply. I was advised by several people to send them the 'prove it letter.' Based on what I've read my 'prove it letter' will either put Rockwell off pursuing this or, they'll come back with more ridiculous claims. How do you think I should deal with more letters, safe to ignore or do i have to protect myself with more 'prove it letters'? I will begin reporting them straight away
  5. HI Guys, a quick update on this after sending Rockwell the 'prove it letter' I got a quick reply, a simple 'thank you for your letter we'll pass this onto our client and get back to you' type letter. It didn't address me by name, just Dear Sir and wasn't signed. I imagine this is a standard automated response. The one irritating thing was in this letter they had this supposed 'debt' as being owed to Arrow, but previously (see posts above) they wrote to me saying this was a mistake and the 'debt' belonged to RBS. I expect this is just down to their completely inefficient practice and these are just badly automated letters and i shouldn't look for too much reason in their correspondence, but if anyone's had any experience of this point of the letter tennis game then do post it here:-)
  6. interesting, i also have been getting similar although not the same Rockwell letter. The first saying they were acting on behalf of Arrow Global and demanding money within ten days, thennext (revived this week) saying that a mistake was made and the debt wasn't owed to Arrow, but the debt was still owed anyway and i should contact them to resolve the matter (original debt- RBS). I wonder if this is a new tactic- if you aren't hooked by the 'pay us now' letter they come back with something that gives the impression that you can call them and sort the matter out. I'm about to hit them with the 'prove it letter' to try and shut them up!
  7. ok, so i guess it's different for each credit site- you may have some names on noodle, but not on experian? sorry, am new to all this. btw, how can someone get lumped with bad debts from the previous occupiers of a house as in the OP's case? I thought debt wold follow a person's name rather than be 'attached' to an address?
  8. thanks CB, very helpful. i will learn how to merge for next time!
  9. hi guys, how of you get names removed, as i have a feeling i may have the same problem?
  10. thanks and apologies for not doing a thread link, hadn't quite worked out how and was trying to get my thoughts written down. Anyway, I'll prepare a letter. Have you any idea how i approach RBS- just call customer services? the only account i ever had with them was a joint business nearly 20 years ago, long since closed.
  11. thanks for the advice. I'd like to get this matter dealt with for good, as i'm getting that 'what letters are in the post today' anxiety. If a 'prove it' letter will stop them in their tracks then i'll send one, i just don't want to get caught up in their web, but i guess thats my call to make. thanks for replying:-)
  12. Hi Guys, I posted my situation recently (Rockwell- is this the right strategy?) I've got a really confusing letter from Rockwell today that I need advice on how to deal with. Quick overview of recent events. i'll paraphrase 1.Got letter from Pace, the one that says 'call us on a personal matter.' Ignored. 2. Letter from Rockwell. "We have been instructed by arrow to contact you for the above debt. You have ten days to pay or..." I have no idea where the debt they quote (Royal Bank of Scotland) comes from. On advice from this forum I ignored it. 3. Now got another Rockwell letter. I'll just pick out a few phrases. "You received a Notice of Assignment letter on or around 10th November and we advised you that Arrow Global had purchased above debt. (the letter actually arrived Oct 25th.) This was sent in error and we apologise. Your debt is still owed to RBS. It is essential that all future payments and correspondence be direct to Rockwell using above details". They then list the debt amount. Then they close with, and again i'm paraphrasing, 'contact us urgently, if you can't pay the full amount we will find a fair resolution. AND then a bit which is even more confusing. "If you believe you've been sent this communication in error please contact us again as a matter of urgency." And then some stuff about verifying my ID when i call them. There is a confusing vagueness about this letter. First, the error they claim with the Debt belonging to Arrow now owed to them. It was never stated that i had to pay Arrow in the first letter, just that Rockwell were acting on behalf of them. Second- the bit about 'if you feel you have received this in error please contact us anyway.' WHY put that if they are so sure i owe this money? To be honest, after i got the first 'pay within ten days' letter i was expecting another more threatening one and i thought i'd have to send the 'Prove it' letter. But the confusing nature of what they sent today makes me hesitant to contact them. My head says that this is a phishing letter. BUT it's stressing me out, because although the wording of this letter is flakey it still has a debt attached to it with an account number and an original lender. (and i can hand on heart to the best of my knowledge say it's not my debt.) The first letter was signed Rockwell person only and headed by Rockwell. The second was signed by Rockwell & Arrow people and headed with both logos. Should i send the prove it letter and get them off my back, or should i continue to ignore? Any advice great fully received
  13. i want to comlpain about this - what's the best organisation to complain to?
  14. can anyone offer any last advice? For peace of mind I'm tempted to send the 'prove it' letter, as i feel i would cover myself by stating knowledge of my rights. However, if the 'ten day threat' is simply an empty template generated scare tactic then i will just ignore- anyone have experience of what happens after ten days? thanks
  15. noddle and experian ask for card details- i'm assuming this is ok? will do noodle as its free
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