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  1. Hi, I am attempting to contact Capital One to claim back PPI charges going back a number of years. Capital One however will not help me unless I can quote my full card number. I no longer have the card - it hasnt been used for probably over 5 years. All paperwork that I receive from Capital One in the post uses XXXX in place of the account number - only quoting the last 4 digits. Unless I can quote the full number they will not discuss with me - I have explained that I cannot quote the full number as they do not add it in any of their correspondence and it is an
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has been successful in reclaiming Service Charges and Default Charges from Studio Cards? I have today contacted Studio requesting my full trading history by transction, so I can calculate the total goods purchased Vs Service charges, Default charges and PPI. I had an ongoing issue with them for several years in that I was receiving their statements just before and occasionally after the invoice due date - giving me no time to make payment. I am new to re-claiming charges and am uncertain if I am within my right to try and reclaim service and default
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