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    Hi, I had a new exhaust installed by kwik fit in May of last year. They used the wrong clamps and did a terrible job. I went back three times and had welding done but the exhaust was never truly fixed. I then moved and visited a different quick fit and once again they did some more welding (after telling me what a terrible job had been done). The problem was still not fixed. I then wrote a letter of complaint which resulted in them re fitting a new exhaust. However they could not get the old exhaust off due to the terrible job that had been done and after forcefully removing it they then had to drill new holes into the main frame of my car. However they did not have the correct drill bit and therefore I had to go back to have the bolts repeatedly tightened. In addition to this the exhaust was still not working properly and I had to go back repeatedly as bits kept cracking. I then phoned the area manager and he assured me that he would ask my local branch to fix it permanently. I feel I should add that throughout this, the staff were extremely rude and repeatedly lied to my face – at one point even refusing to do any further work and stating that it was not there problem. After turning me away I went to another mechanic and he assured me that it was under warranty and was a simple £4 part, not the manifold as the kwik fit employee had stated. So, by this stage I had been back at least 11 times and the problem was still not resolved. A non kwik fit mechanic told me that the exhaust was not sitting right, due to poor installation, and that was why parts kept cracking. They also informed me that the repeatedly replaced parts are as cheap as they come and that is partly why they keep cracking. In addition to this is my mot test at kwik fit which I recently had fail but only for the front suspension and the exhaust emissions. I fixed the suspension and then took my car to another mechanic (not kwik fit as they didnt know how to fix it) who fixed the exhaust issue and therefore said that they would pass the mot if I booked it in with them. However, they then found a number of problems that were not only an mot failure but that made it dangerous for me to continue driving my car. This included a crack in my steering rack gaitor and my head lights not working due to a falty switch. I am dumb struck by the lack of ability and knowledge that the kwik fit employees have and the amount of unnecessary time, effort and stress that they have cost me. With my repeated trips back to kwik fit and the additional petrol costs due to an inefficient exhaust, the lies and rudeness of the staff, and the stress and time this mess has cost me i asked for a refund and i was told i would get one. I then received a £25 voucher for kwik fit (doesnt even cover the MOT and i never want to use kwik fit again) and a rude letter telling me that my case has now been resolved. I have been repeated told by kiwk fit staff that this situation is appalling and yet they repeatedly laugh in my face. I am at my wits end and am hoping that you can help me to get some compensation from what i believe is a terrible company! Thank you. Kate
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