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  1. Almost. The van was a long way further down the road (20metres ?) , along with the car behind it. The width of the road at the point where the van is allows two lanes exiting off to Putney, I was not in the nearside lane as there were other cars to my left.
  2. It would be without seeing the images, the box on this junction does not go right to the kerb, there is a lane that is clear - presumably for vehicles that may be forced to stop in a queue if the Putney exit is fouled up. This is where the van was. I was already in the box, moving slowly to exit left, the van was attempting to enter the box and stopped dead.
  3. Thanks. Now I need to find a digital camera Unfortunately the van did not enter the box, but stayed outside waiting for a gap in the traffic. Looking further into the images this morning, there are so many cars already on the stretch of road going out towards Chiswick. Most of them look stationary as well in the two frames, due to the merging of vehicles from both left and right.
  4. That's neat, I got an email saying somebody had replied. The exit was clear as I entered the box (Talgarth, going West), however a van, (conveniently whilst outside the box) slowed down to enter the stream of traffic from the left, and finding no entry point, simply stopped and waited for one to appear. The car immediately behind it did the same as naturally, it couldn't move forward. Both vehicles completely halted my patht o exit out of the junction at the first turning on the left (Putney). The stills show a delay of three seconds where my car does not move. Does that make s
  5. Hello I'm a new driver and have had about four months experience of the roads since passing my test. I usually have my fiance in the passenger seat but he works in Germany for a few days each month. I received a letter through the post from Hammersmith and Fulham regarding me stopping at the Butterwick/Talgarth box junction, which looks to be the case from the images they included. My understanding fromt he road and traffic signs in the theory test I took earlier in the year (backed up in the 2012 DSA theory book - pages 178 Q8.5 and 289, Q11.123) is that I can enter a junction ma
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