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  1. I may be able to answer as my fiance had a similar issue before posting abroad.


    The English address is rented out to you, with nobody in your family acting as your landlord.


    If so , this is not your permanent address, if you can confirm your home address in Wales has more importance, ie you are named as (one of) the owners/mortgage holders, and not your parents/guardian.


    There may be some conflict with the electoral register since you may have different information that allows you to vote in London etc, and also you might have a council tax address relating to London, but that should not affect legitimacy of a claim as it will be more a timeline, rather than currently factual.


    Additionally count up the 'paid by you' fuel receipts from the last three months, and the utility bills. If the majority of them relate to Wales then you are home and dry

  2. If they say it's abuse then ask them to provide a car (older the better) for about two hours. Ask for their workshop gaffer to accompany you on a two hour drive in mixed conditions. That way they will see the true level of your driving skills. An extended drive is one of the features of the Advanced Driving test. The reason for this duration is that most people couldn't cover up any bad traits over a two hour period.


    If the clutch lasts over that time of course.

  3. I've just been running through my bank slips of the last financial year for confirmin self assessment amounts and noticed one payment to this company.


    Looking back through the year before there was a previous amount (about 60% of the total).


    Am I right in thinking this has something to do with the AA and their pet insurance that was about in 2010/2011 ?


    If so I do not recall anything involving automatic renewals, certainly it's not somethng I would need either as our cat wandered off in February 2010 an hasn't been seen since.

  4. None of the above will matter when it comes to settling liability.


    The lorry hit a stationary car as is at fault. End of.


    Our local council doubled the amount of single yellow lines a number of years back. Their consultation flyer mentioned 'taking the streets back from drivers that parked inconsiderately' or words to that effect.


    I am unsure whether inconsiderate parking is dealt with by anything other than a PCN from a warden/mobile camara these days, but when the police were on the beat, it would have been a stern telling off plus a 'seven day wonder' if there was cause to attend following an incident.


    Insurance companies and the local authority have mopped up the requirement for police, but I'm not actually sure it is for the better. They appear only to be interested in profiteering out of a captive market.

  5. Boarding & Alighting is allowed on both single and double yellow lines.


    Correct, but the o/p infers there was slightly more than setting down in his first two posts.


    'I'm worried now that because I was parked on a single yellow,'

    'It's normally only a matter of minutes before i'm on my way'


    Our local council has a stipulated time limit of two minutes before 'alighting' turns into 'waiting'. I have emphasised the need to read the plates at the earliest opportunity, the other side will certainly be doing the same.

  6. Was there any damage to the lorry ? Check if you can get the wing knocked out and the bumper replaced without going down the insurance path.


    Was it you or the lorry driver that requested details ?


    Forgetting the taxi for a moment (unless it was already over the centre of the road), would the lorry have been able to pass you without crossing the middle line ?


    If so then he is probably at fault, if not then you were parked in a position that would compromise other road users along a route and you could be liable for the cost of both vehicle repairs.


    Any witnesses you can rely on to confirm the parcel lorry should have stopped in the circumstance (before, not after taking your bumper off) ?


    Have you checked the yellow line regulations at the time of the incident ?

  7. Having read the article, it looks like the DVLA is crawling along the same lines as the automatic fining system based on a database for taking cars offroad. I've only had a photo licence for a year, renewed when I passed my test. My father however still has an olde paper licence which the article says is to be phased out in two years time.


    He always carries his passport with him along with the licence but this doesn't save him from the mandatory charge of updating.


    There's definitely something rotten in the Swansea offices.

  8. You probably could take it for a part MOT at a registered MOT centre and aask them to give you a report on the brakes if you have an issue with the dealer refusing to repair the brakes.


    Which might also show that one connector to a solitary brake pad may have corrosion on it, leading to a warning light on the dashboard.

  9. The congestion charge has been so successful that they are losing money so need to recoup it by other means! It has nothing to do with congestion any more.


    It never was about congestion, it was only about catching commuters from the other end before bringing in the Oyster card.

    My daily commute consists of roughly seven miles to work but unfortunately through three zones where there is no direct connection. I have to carry a large musical instrument meaning the bike or sharing a lift weren't viable

    I only started using a car in London because the option of train/tube/bus were just as expensive even with the cost of an annual ticket. Next year, unless my insurance goes up dramatically, the car will save me about £400 each year.

  10. I'm a newish driver and this years premium worked out at £1770, despite a years no claims. I'm 26 and run a group 7 vehicle which is gutless, unlikely ever to be stolen and is valued by the insurers at £550. Fiance owned the car previously - possibly why its unattractive to thieves - is 31 with four years no claims and his last premium was £ 388.


    My policy comes up again in July, with any luck they will have backed down through pressure.

  11. It's not the ticking of a box either.


    With the AA, my fiance (boyfriend at the time) wanted to insure me on the same car

    and found the quote from them was attractive.


    A year later they have attempted to take the money out of both our accounts for renewing

    (which works out at 35% higher than the nearest competition).


    Their take on it is that one of us had to agree to listen to one of their salesmen

    and agree to a particular sentence within their pitch on the phone, which automatically entered us into their agreement.


    Luckily we have replaced bank cards/closed accounts in the past four months otherwise it would be in their clutches.

  12. There are city and guilds in hair dressing but is it illegal to cut hair without one? .....


    Funny you mention it




    the option to a qualificaton being confirmation with respect to the number of years in the business, in other words, competence in the trade.


    As I posted, the authority refused to give an answer to the question over experience OR qualification. I woud gladly have paid the fine had I been advised the monkey - sorry - operative had been doing it for years, H and F raised the bar by their own inadmission.

  13. Some of the sites do offer video footage but it depends on the alleged offence and what system they are using. That might make a good article for the site actually, as there are only about 4-5 different systems in use nationwide. The system used by Reading for example almost always offers video if it exists.


    Some do of course, but not Hammersmith and Fulham. They actually prevent you from taking a copy during the appointment to view it. It's then very difficult to seek legal advice (or go to PATAS) to challenge on the possibility the stills don't show the whole picture, but amazingly convenient for the local authority.


    They also refused to tell me what leve of experience or qualifications the camera operator holds that allows him to decide on issuing a PCN for a traffic violation.

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