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  1. Now my question is:-

    1. Cause it's a taxi rank so all taxi drivers u-turn from there day and night even in front of police. if I provide the proof in court that everyone u-turn from there even in front of police will it be helpful in my case? that it's a mistake


    You could try getting some of your rank colleagues to turn up at court to state under oath they all carry out illegal u-turns.

  2. What is the actual objection to local authority enforcement, that they are better at catching offenders than the Police? Surely as a public service that is a success and provides value for money not a fault?


    I would guess a police officer, with a few months of college experience (Hendon ?) and some time in the community, is capable of distinguishing between a criminal act from a genuine error and is allowed in most cases to use their discretion.


    Local authority officials work on a commission based monthly quota, and a set of offence codes to punch into a handheld device. The remote camera operators have little more than an image to work on. The issue of a PCN forms the basis of a money making procedure as opposed to an element in crime management or reduction.

  3. Those nice people at Snapper TV have made a documentary for the BBC, about local authorities and their use of CCTV for apparent violations by the unwary public and the revenue made from it.


    ... 'They claim they do it to keep the traffic flowing smoother. But private emails obtained by Panorama reveal a different story, with officials congratulating each other on the number of tickets issued: 'Another record month, guys. Well done,' says one. The programme visits the box junction where the council fines so many drivers - 29,000 last year alone;...



    A link to the programme.



  4. Trouble is they don't give much time to deal with it. It takes them nearly 9 months before hearing anything and you don't hear anything until about 2 weeks before a court date.


    Seems like they just want to rubber stamp them like they do with things like council tax summons.


    I wonder how many people who feel they have a valid case will just let it go because they don't have time to deal with it.




    Or when you do turn up to contest with a valid argument they are able to drop the case there and then, leaving you a day out of pocket.


    On other forums there is the suggestion that you make absolutely certain to turn up at the court door with seconds to spare, only speak to the usher to give your name, nothing more, and hide your carefully documented gamechanging bundle until you are in front of the magistrate.

  5. What bailiff company is this?, as for the Formal Complaint address it to TFL, and copy to Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, he may as well know what muppetry is done by his beloved TFL.


    Pick up the pencil and join the dots


    IBM UK Ltd were taken on sometime in 2007, after a year of negotiations (loads of Chateau neuf du plonk no doubt with Ken and his chums) .


    Their consortium partner was NCP at the time - renamed to NSL Ltd shortly after, and Task Enforcement is the bunch of housebreakers under the NSL wing.


    The non-negotiable five year contract commenced in November 2009 as a result of the wining and dining.



  6. Since you have not been paid for the vehicle by the trader (it does not matter that they claim another party is settling, your contract is not with them) then this is theft.


    Request a transcript from the police of the solicitor's response to them as without that, you don't know what truths/untruths have been mentioned.


    Do you have anything else in writing from the time the trader first made contact, anything ?

    Are they UK based, well known, a franchise, long established ?


    Additionally (and it may be worth checking with the DVLA now on the registered keeper detail - though I believe the police will do this if you give them the original crime report number) you cannot tell whether the car has been driven legitmately in the time it was taken out of your possession. You could be on the receiving end of any number of misdemeanors, speeding or parking tickets, or worse if the vehicle turns out to have not been insured when any offence occurred.

  7. For that reason I can't risk driving long distance as to drive with a cold engine can cause a lot of damage.


    A car engine warms up once it is running, it does not stay cold, regardless of what you might be seeing on the dashboard.


    Have you done the basic checks as covered in the operators manual ?


    It might be something as simple as a coolant sensor connection that has worked loose and could take a minute or two to fix.

  8. Basically currently the family car is registered in my wifes name with me as a named driver, however when the policy is up for renewal we have got quotes and found that if she keeps the car registered in her name but i insure the car as the policy holder (also help to keep the NCD valid) as the main driver (which i will be) and her as a named driver we can virtually half the premium.


    I understand it is a family car but is the address different ?


    I found that a car shared by me and fiance was easier/cheaper to insure if I was the registered keeper - lower crime rate area apparently - and he was the named driver, though his no claims is five + years which may have helped.


    He does drive it when he is back in the UK, but this is only every three months or so, the insurance company are happy with the arrangement though.

  9. no fixed penalty notice should be issued until there is sufficient evidence to support a prosecution. The point here is that there should be very few circumstances in which an authority writes to an alleged offender for further details after a fixed penalty notice has been issued. It also says re litter from vehicle...after obtaining reg keepers address an officer should go to address (if local) to clarify the Offender is the same person they saw....!! My point now is the alledged offence was on thurs 25th, letter sent out fri 26th..so where was the visit to r/k address to confirm ID??? Before fpn sent....


    If you live near where the offence was commited they may have followed you home.


    Do you smoke by the way ?

    How clean are your car ashtrays ?

  10. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/2524/dft-2011-13-consultation-document.pdf


    found this bit of info, because i have never had a ticket for parking in a loading bay before i never knew it was an offence, as i say you live and learn

    even so i will appeal


    If you can scan the front and rear of the PCN and post the images, somebody here might find detail to confirm the local authority has blundered in the procedure. It might just work.

  11. All VAG cars with a variant of the 2lt PD engine around 2006/7 were subject to a recall due to an injector fault which cut the engine dead . this happened to our Passat in the middle of the M25 SCARY


    We paid for the one injector to be replaced , and VW under good will refunded half the cost as the car was out of warrantee


    VOSA got involved as this turned out to be a common and dangerous problem . and ALL cars with this engine ( VW Audi Skoda Seat ) were recalled for all, injectors to be replaced FREE .so we got our money back in full , and all injectors replaced





    Is there a link to anything by VOSA on this issue ?


    Has this issue been reported in the main media ?


    Thank you to everybody that has replied so far

  12. Not mine, but my mothers.


    It's an A3 2 litre estate (2007 plate) that has just been taken by them for a replacement set of injectors under a recall issued a few weeks back.


    The only issue is, late last year the car went into the same garage for a misfire and they replaced 2 injectors then at a cost of 1550 pounds (there was some other small work at the time - fluids and a fault in the washer bottle delivery - but the top end parts and labour constituted the bulk of the cost).


    Naturally mum isn't too pleased with Audi now confirming there was a fault all along. Is it something she could persue for a partial refund and has anyone else had success with similar ?



  13. Does the letter mention 'bailiffs', anywhere ?


    There are other sections on the forum that deal with debt collection, in particular the way some of these companies ply for trade. I am surprised you have not had any correspondence from the DVLA within a month of the tax running out and asking you to SORN the vehicle.


    Were your current address details the same as when you parked the motorcycle up ?

  14. Just what my husband said but I think I'll wait for his call first...wished I'd had the forethought to do that. He won't get fixed anyway, its so minor. Thanks.


    My car had to have a new one for it's last MOT as there was a tiny crack in it. Unless the garage is doing other stuff on the vehicle at the same time the owner will have to present his documents to the shop that makes a plate for him, so there is a little bit of inconvenience involved.


    Having said that though, the plate itself was 9 pounds to make up.

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