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  1. I was caught around 7:00am doing 78mph on the M1 at a point in which the speed limit was all ready changed to 50 mph overhead.


    I am in my second year of driving and wondering what I can expect as a punishment for this case?


    I have been doing the same journey for over a year (in which the variable speed limit has been turned on many times)

    and not once been pulled/caught for this offence.


    Also I rely heavily on my car to get me to and from work every day.


    What is your work by the way ?


    Unfortunately the use of your car if it is simply for commuting will do nothing for you in court, so don't use it in mitigation.

    Can you prove you have a good previous driving record ? Were the other six points for something other than speeding ?

  2. For a ticket to be invalid, there has to be a fundamental error in the evidence and/or the details recorded on the ticket.


    The fact that the points box has nothing in it, does not invalidate the FPN, and if you have surrendered your licence to the stopping officer, your licence will come back with 3 points on it for the offence.


    Send off your licence, and if it is returned with three points and a fine then you could contest that the penalty given exceeds that stated on the FPN.

  3. Exactly right, the bike is registered, taxed and MOTd so is road useable it MUST be insured, there in NO and if or but to this.


    Ah, so your original comment should have been


    Continuous insurance, is required for a taxed vehicle of any sort in use on the road or not, and if not then it should be on a valid SORN (and should it predate the SORN system then the DVLA are waiting to pounce the moment you update your details with them).


    Are the insurance companies in collusion with the DVLA over this system as it all smells rather fishy.

  4. Continuous insurance is required for a taxed vehicle of any sort in use on the road or not.


    If that is the case, how do some vehicles that are being restored, or are languishing in the back of a garage waiting for a part to arrive from another planet can get by without insurance ?


    Additionally my father has a motorbike that I have never seen on the road, and he doesn't have to file/send of forms each year as his ownership predates the SORN system.

  5. I think the reason for this is that all Beetles are made in the same factory in Mexico. The model is not in sufficient demand to require separate European production.


    The strangest VW thing is that many UK market Golfs are actually made in South Africa.


    The original Beetle was produced in huge numbers over in the same factory in Mexico - 220,000 I think.

  6. Was this program actually supposed to be taken seriously ?

    I wonder how much it cost to film the sequence about the Parking Charges........ and what did it actually do to make peoples rights clear. What an absolute joke of a program. It's just like Don't get done get Dom only prime time and more expensive to make.




    Rather generous to call what Dom presents as a 'programme'. Then again, Cowboy Traders is about as professional as the company sponsoring it.

  7. Good thing it did arrive, as ordering over the telephone confirms to the database that you have paid for tax, but you would still receive a PCN/have the vehicle clamped/removed for not displaying a valid tax disc, such is the stupidity of the system.

  8. Because the keeper doesn't always get the PCN!


    If they have replied to a PCN then there is a good chance they have received it.


    Surely the local authorities should be appearing responsible, and only applying to the DVLA in cases where there is no appareent detail of the registered keeper, which would reduce the amount billed to the tax paying constituents.

  9. My fiance still keeps his green licence (plus a copy)


    Even though there is legislation in the pipeline to move over to photo licenceing, I doubt very much the DVLA will have a 100% record on transferring existing detail to anything modern, legal or legitimate, based on their current track record.


    I really wouldn't worry about it, though if you want peace of mind and have a tenner spare, you could get your detail photocopied and endorsed by a solicitor, in the unlikely scenario, they screw up.

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