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  1. What about those that challenged at the time, lost the appeal and were forced to pay up ? The council is witholding the return of funds taken illegally.
  2. Could you post images of the documentation on the site ? It might give somebody an idea of just how legitimate the stop was.
  3. Is there something preventing the shop employing another mechanic in the meantime ?
  4. What is your work by the way ? Unfortunately the use of your car if it is simply for commuting will do nothing for you in court, so don't use it in mitigation. Can you prove you have a good previous driving record ? Were the other six points for something other than speeding ?
  5. Since you have no control over the vehicle once it is in their possession, you will undoubtedly find sells at auction for a pittance. What is the current value of a similar - condition and mileage - car to the one you bought ?
  6. Send off your licence, and if it is returned with three points and a fine then you could contest that the penalty given exceeds that stated on the FPN.
  7. Wrong thread Unless the Brit Park Ass has something to do with the deer cull round here as they are a right pain.
  8. Odd that for such a binding financial contract, they do not offer a 'cooling off' period (well, they do, but 11.4 directly contradicts 11.6, making it worthless.)
  9. Ah, so your original comment should have been Continuous insurance, is required for a taxed vehicle of any sort in use on the road or not, and if not then it should be on a valid SORN (and should it predate the SORN system then the DVLA are waiting to pounce the moment you update your details with them). Are the insurance companies in collusion with the DVLA over this system as it all smells rather fishy.
  10. If the company is Caveat Viator Ltd, they are shortchanging the unwary for passports as well according to the article below. http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2013/02/passportukcom-charges-for-advi.html Also known as PYROLYSIS UK LIMITED
  11. If that is the case, how do some vehicles that are being restored, or are languishing in the back of a garage waiting for a part to arrive from another planet can get by without insurance ? Additionally my father has a motorbike that I have never seen on the road, and he doesn't have to file/send of forms each year as his ownership predates the SORN system.
  12. The original Beetle was produced in huge numbers over in the same factory in Mexico - 220,000 I think.
  13. Rather generous to call what Dom presents as a 'programme'. Then again, Cowboy Traders is about as professional as the company sponsoring it.
  14. From the BBC website Duration: 1 hour The motor trade comes under the spotlight in this episode, as the team reveals how one of Britain's biggest garage chains gets drivers to pay for unnecessary work. Undercover cameras reveal mis-selling of secondhand cars, and there's advice on how to save hundreds of pounds on vehicle insurance
  15. Thanks. Whilst it was a 'one side only to blame' incident I could see the driver doing his best to deny being at fault - even flagging down a police car a few minutes afterwards. I trust the insurance companies will be able to gain footage without difficulty.
  16. I saw a road incident earlier today in the Hyde Park Gyratory (at the end of Grovenor Park) and have been asked as a witness, though I was not involved. Does anyone know if there are cameras nearby that would have possibly have caught what went on ? Thanks
  17. I might be able to answer this Is it standard hydraulics and shoes or an electrical handbrake ? Is the car an automatic or manual ?
  18. What was the damage category reached after the vehicle was inspected ? It might have been written off by your own insurance party at the time, have you changed insurers since the impact, and if not, have you got a different policy number to before the accident ?
  19. Good thing it did arrive, as ordering over the telephone confirms to the database that you have paid for tax, but you would still receive a PCN/have the vehicle clamped/removed for not displaying a valid tax disc, such is the stupidity of the system.
  20. If they have replied to a PCN then there is a good chance they have received it. Surely the local authorities should be appearing responsible, and only applying to the DVLA in cases where there is no appareent detail of the registered keeper, which would reduce the amount billed to the tax paying constituents.
  21. Why would a local authority need to harvest data held by the DVLA if the registered keeper has already responded to a PCN. There should be no requirement for paying out to access records before sending out the Notice to owner.
  22. Does anyone have the Newham enforcement boundary they can flag up ? and the exact - 2011 - 2013 dates It might jog memories.
  23. I would have thought gender based discrimination might have already been in the history books, I'll have a check though.
  24. My fiance still keeps his green licence (plus a copy) Even though there is legislation in the pipeline to move over to photo licenceing, I doubt very much the DVLA will have a 100% record on transferring existing detail to anything modern, legal or legitimate, based on their current track record. I really wouldn't worry about it, though if you want peace of mind and have a tenner spare, you could get your detail photocopied and endorsed by a solicitor, in the unlikely scenario, they screw up.
  25. I very much doubt it's marked on engine size as 125 cc
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