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  1. Thanks for your reply. I have also heard that if an item is dispatched, then they cannot change their mind. However, I am not asking for them to honour the order at the lower price. I am asking them to cancel the order, as they have charged me more than the amount stated just before I clicked 'confirm purchase'. I did not take a screenshot at the point just before purchasing (I didn't think it was necessary). The first inclination I got that they'd decided to charge the higher amount was when they sent the invoice (even then, I just assumed that the invoice was faulty). Obviously, I wish I had now, but HP are not even denying what they have done. Email response: I can't believe that the appropriate body wouldn't come down on my side. It's one thing not to honour a price, but surely dipping their hands into someone else money as they felt fit, is against some sort of regulation.
  2. Hi, Just over a month ago, I was told about a voucher that I could use online at the HP store, that knocked £40 off every order. At the time, I didn't know whether this was a pricing glitch, or a publicity-seeking promotion, but I decided to use it to purchase some ink. I put 2 ink cartridges in the cart,(2x£23=£46), used the discount voucher (-£40), to bring the total to £6, which was displayed at point of sale. My problem is NOT that the order was cancelled (I have seen a few of these on the boards). My problem is that I was delivered the items, but only later found out that my credit card had been charged without this discount (i.e. £46). The fact that the amount displayed at point-of-sale was different from the amount charged, is not in dispute by HP. In fact, the email response to my complaint seemed thoroughly unsurprised that this had happened. They have told me that my 7 day return period has expired (presumably they are trying to pass the statutory "cooling off period" at the limit to my rights), and have refused my demand to return the goods and reverse the transaction. Surely this constitutes theft and/or fraud. Are there any legal-eagles that could advise?
  3. Incidentally, thanks for the replies. I only got the first notification of a reply to this thread, and presumed it had died a death. It's only by logging on 5 months later (for a different reason), I realise there were a number of replies.
  4. Hi all, Two weeks ago, I drove to Stansted for a weekend away. There were 3 car park options - "short", "mid and "long" stay. Figuring that a weekend is usually as short as anyone gets a plane for, I followed the signs to the short-stay car park. Having got to the barrier, the prices were shown (I do not believe they were shown on any sign before this, but am not 100% sure). It was immediately obvious from the prices that the "short" stay was not appropriate, and I decided I didn't want to use this car park. Unfortunately, the barriers are located a short distance down a one-way 'slip' road. My options were either to reverse the wrong way down this road, or to go through the barrier, take a ticket, and scoot round to the exit. I presumed that car parks do not charge when this occurs. I'm sure I have done this a few times (and definitely at least once) before. As you can guess, I was surprised therefore to be asked to pay £2.80 to get out of a car park that I didn't want to be in, in the first place. Could those in the know advise what the legal status surrounding this is, in particular. - Is it not normally the case that a person can either easily back out of the barrier area where the prices are first visible, or go through and nip round to the exit without paying any charge. - Given that I was only shown the prices at a point where I could not avoid entering the car park, have I entered into any contract? - What is the situation with their refusal to open the barrier? Is it not illegal to impound a vehicle in this manner? I know £2.80 is not a lot, but I just don't think it's right to force people into a situation where they have to pay for something that they did not want. Any advice much appreciated.
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