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  1. Hi, my ex-partner has amassed a pile of debts, in the thousands, on credit cards. It's looking like he may go bankrupt very soon and is doing nothing about it. Head/sand interface. He hasn't contributed anything towards the mortgage, the bills or anything for over a year, apart from the minimum amount of child support. The problem is that the house is in both our names and I'm worried to death about what will happen if he does go bump as I have a young son to support. I'm a full time student at University so I'm not sure if I can buy him out or not or what my options are unde
  2. Hi, sorry about that, write in haste, repent at leisure
  3. My idiot-ex has been late with two payments on his BarclayCard, the first time in October/November and again in December/January. After several weeks of calls from BC - every three hours/6 days a week, I read through a few old threads and ending up writing to BC advising them that idiot-ex doesn't live at the home address and please do not call the home number, remove it etc. I gave them his mobile number and haven't heard from them since untill last week when a rep from BarclayCard called. He hasn't paid his Dec payment on the card Im guessing. Ive asked him to call BC and change his ad
  4. Hi, me again. I have an M&S credit card with a balance of £3,000 which I havent used for the best part of eight years, Ive been paying it off quite happily at £100 a month till a few months ago. Due to a change in circumstances I called them and arranged reduced payments of 10£ per month, I also asked them to freeze interest which they refused to do and said they'd review it in November, I think there is also a default notice on the account. My circumstances have since got worse if anything and whilst I can afford £10 Im wondering what I should do next as the interest rate
  5. My partner and I seperated in Sept 2012, we have a joint account/overdraft with NatWest which is about 30£ off its limit. There are about 40£ worth of fees due next week so my idiot-ex is going to give me some money to pay the fees with a bit left for maintenance *sigh* My question is this: how soon wil it be before NatWest get gnarly about us paying it back/reducing it? What will they do and what action will they take? Both our names are on the Joint Account and Im living in the family home so Im assuming I'll be the easiest target so to speak. I want to get this sorted but c
  6. Yes, it's his card, thank goodness. I've written to Barclaycard and advised them that he doesn't live at the home address anymore and they should call him on his mobile and not at the home number. The calls have since stopped and miracle of miracles he has rung BC and explained the situation. Thanks for your help.
  7. My partner and I seperated in September, since then he has missed the October payment on his BarclayCard. Barclaycard have been on the phone every three hours for a week and a half, it's been quite creepy in that they have been trying differant patterns of times to catch him in. He visits his son regularly and I have asked him repeatedly to get in touch with them and get it sorted but he keeps 'forgetting' to do so (head/sand interface) a statement arrived the other day and it accidentally fell open, like they do. Since he left he has been living on his card and his balance is sca
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