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  1. Glad to see that the senior staff on CAG are at the forefront with the latest news. It was announced that Judgement will be handed down This Thursday (24th) lol,
  2. Yinkanno I have posted on the other thread you made somewhere else, and i also see that you a have already been shown my freedom of Info thread.
  3. MrShed First I must apologise for the brief thread Hijack. As I can easily check your post history, with experience of this site, a newcomer may not know how to do this. I was merely pointing out that your post will have just left the OP in limbo, for the sake of adding onto your post 'I will clarify later' or words to that effect. I apologise for having a go at you personally, but it seems that the responses to people’s problems on this site are sadly lacking in some instances. Where moderators or site helpers, rather than explain an answer, will just post a link. To a newcomer this doesn’t help, because all they will find is the answer someone else has received and understood. It doesn’t mean that the other person will still understand it.
  4. If you know its wrong, why not put what is correct. instead of just leaving that. I can't see how your post helped, the OP is still no better off Maybe MrShed, if you'd put something like this, it would have helped the OP
  5. Here are a few more: Some examples of why the human race has probably evolved as far as possible: Do not use while sleeping – on Sears hair dryer. Gee, that's the only time I have to work on my hair! You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside – on a bag of Fritos. The shoplifter special! Directions: Use like regular soap – on a bar of Dial soap. And that would be how? Serving suggestion: Defrost – on some Swann frozen dinners. But it's just a suggestion! Fits one head – on a hotel provided shower cap in a box. The big one or the little one? Do not turn upside down – on the bottom of Tesco's Tiramisu dessert box. Too late! You lose! Product will be hot after heating – on Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding. Are you sure??? Let's experiment. Do not iron clothes on body – on packaging for a Rowenta iron. But wouldn't that save more time? Whose body? Do not drive car or operate machinery – on Boot's Children's cough medicine. We could do a lot to reduce the rate of construction accidents if we just kept those 5 year olds off those fork lifts. Warning: may cause drowsiness – on Nytol sleep aid. One would hope! Warning keep out of children – on a Korean kitchen knife. Or pets! What's for dinner? For indoor or outdoor use only – on a string of Chinese-made Christmas lights. As opposed to use in outer space. Not to be used for the other use – on a Japanese food processor. Now I'm curious. Warning: contains nuts – on Sainsbury's peanuts. But no peas? Instructions: open packet, eat nuts – on an American Airlines packet of nuts. Have a lobotomy Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands or genitals – on a Swedish chainsaw What is this, a home castration kit? Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly – on a child's Superman costume. That's right, destroy a universal childhood fantasy!
  6. The normally sighted people who try to walk in with their dogs.
  7. I think you son has a tinted view of how credit checks operate, it reads like he thinks if he transfers the money over to you it will disappear. If he has paying paying his bills on time it will be a good credit record as it Will show ability to control finances and operate the account within the limit. If he hasn't paid them on time, or not the minimum payment, the fact that he suddenly clears them off (be it paid by you) will not really affect it as the lender will be able to see that he has missed payments etc. Also as a parent with young children i would echo others points regarding the costs, as you must well know, they aren't cheap, and adding on top a new mortgage plus all the decorating and changing the new home wont be easy. IMO as you say he is trying to use emotional blackmail and if that is how he thinks to get the money out of you, he will use this to not pay you back, IE baby needs this, got decorate nursery etc. My parents didn't help me to get my house, but the support, baby sitting and token gifts and small handouts they give me throughout the year have helped me more that a initial payout. I am not trying to have a go at you, I just don't want your situation to get to a state where you are arguing or falling out over the repayment. I have seen things like this, split families and cause bad blood and I wouldn't wish that on anyone PKea
  8. PKea

    Arms and Cars

    A Police officer came a cross a man high on drugs wielding a machete, he has already slashed an officers arms so the dog handler, who backed up the call, used the only way he could think of to stop the man, he got back in his van and run him down. It stopped the man and the dog handler was praised for the swift action that prevented a far worse outcome.
  9. Richard You need to CCA Next, send it recorded / registered so you have proof that they have received it. Once they have receipt of the CCA request, under OFT guidelines they cannot sell on the debt, while it is dispute. PKea
  10. I agree "Wisdom Begins In Wonder" My advice is based on my personal experience and should be taken as such. If I have helped you, Please click the Scales Guide To Claiming Back Charges ** Guide to Court ** Wasted Costs & Spreadheet ** Abbey WON - MNBA WON - BARCLAYS WON - HBoS(1) WON - BT WON HBoS(2) LBA Stage - HBoS(2) Prep
  11. Personally I would write to the Chief Exec of the hospital 9with all your details), The PCT (if there is one) Your local MP & Councillors. Also see of the Hospitals complaints procedure would get involved. Also write to your local paper. I would kick up a great big Storm.. PKea
  12. Put 2 + 2 together They just increase the cost of the car you are buying to cover their shortfall
  13. Have you read this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-wardens/65341-private-parking-companies-charges.html It should tel you all you need to know
  14. I would get an proper advice from TS first, you may be entitled to more than the garage offer.
  15. Dont do anything, DEFINATLEY DONT PAY. Have a read of the other threads in the Parking / Traffic Wardens section and you will find out exactley what to do (or not do as the case may be) PKea
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