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  1. Thank you. Can you suggest what I write to the dca in the mean time. Do I tell them I have made a SAR to egg and to hold fire until then?
  2. Hi all, I'm back again. I wrote back to arc complaining that it had sent me correspondence for another consumer and informed them that if it was their intention to continue communicating with me that their next letter should include confirmation that they reported their breach to the ICO. This probably wasn't a good idea as I've today received a response, only5 days after writing to them. Th.e letter has been written by a compliance executive and pretty well set out. Cut a long story short, they have told me that the tick box cca is compliant, and further that they have been advised that I last made payment to this debt in July 2009...which is unlikely given i was living abroad at the time. They are now asking whether I dispute entering in to the original agreement. My concern is that I know the debt defaulted in December 2006 but formed part of an IVA which failed. The iva was removed from the insolvency records in 2009 so I have horrible feeling that the payment may have come as a final payment from iva funds,which will no doubt serve as an acknowledgment of debt. Any advice on the best way forward? Do I issue SAR to arc or egg (debt bought by britannic a recoveries) or do I just bite the bullet and make an offer to settle, after all, this is my debt but I'm loathe to pay it to britannica as they no doubt bought it for a fraction on the balance. Any help gratefully received as this is starting to get the better of me! T.ank you.
  3. I don't recall when it was opened. The agreement supplied by arc is dated June 2006, so just over 7 years ago but I'm not sure that date is correct as I was not living at the address on the credit agreement at the time. Surely the account would appear on my credit file if it was less than 6 years ago?
  4. Thank you all for your responses. I've had a look at my experian and equifax reports and its not on there. Would you suggest I issue the statute barred letter even though I don't know when the debt defaulted?
  5. Hi, I'm after some advice please. Last year I received some correspondence from arc Europe chasing egg debt. I wrote to them in nov 2012 asking for a signed copy of the cca. I heard nothing until today. I've received a generic looking print out with a tick box and no signature. It's not on letterhead and clearly not a true copy. Additionally they have sent me a debt recovery letter belonging to another person (data protection breach?). What is my next step. Incidentally the "cca" is dated 2006 and as I have never received a default notice I'm not sure when the last payment was made. It's likely to be coming close to 6 years ago. Any advice would be gratefully received as I am very very worried about all of this. Thank you.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. Just to clarify, the second letter I received from Arc did contain the account number and outstanding balance. Under the circumstances, should I tell them that I will be making a SAR directly to Egg without acknowledging the debt, or do I simply ignore and go straight to Egg even tho it would seem that they have sold the debt on? I did check my credit file a couple of years ago and there was no reference to any outstanding debt and it currently still contains no reference to ever having entered an IVA. This seems unusual to me which is why I am hesitant to rely on the absence of the debt foe the CRA to suggest it's dropped off the file and is therefore statute barred.
  7. Hello All, I am newly registered to consumer action group having trawled the site often in the last month thanks to sleepness nights because of old debt coming back to haunt me (ARC Europe chasing on behalf of Arrow for an old Egg debt). I would be so grateful for any advice. My long story summarised as best possible - I entered into an IVA in November 2006 with the assistance of debt free direct (DFD). Following a change in my financial circumstances, about 18 months in, I was unable to pay the agreed monthly amount and cancelled the direct debt asking DFD to contact meto get a new monthly repayment agreed. They never did and I never pursued the issue and heard nothing further, instead choosing to bury my head in the sand and wait.In 2009 I moved abroad for a year and have been back in the UK for 2 years. Last month I received a letter from ARC Europe out of the blue saying they are looking to trace a person with my name and asking me to confirm if I am the named person they are looking for. I did not respond. Less than a week later I received a letter stating that they are instructed on behalf of Britannic Recoveries (original creditor Egg) to recover outstanding debt and I should contact them to make payment. If i dont, they will seek Britannics instrcutions on how to proceed.My concern is this, the debt, which I know I owe, is not on my credit file, so I cannot tell when it defaulted, and therefore whether it is statute barred.There is another single debt on my CRA - which shows a default of 1/12/06, other than that my CRA is blank. I am hoping this Egg debt, which formed part of the IVA too, will have roughly the same default date. However I do not know whether any of the monthly repayments I made within the first year and a half of my IVA was actually allocated to this Egg debt by DFD if not, then it is likely it is SB. If payments were made, then I am short on that SB date but I dont know by how much.I am not sure whether I need to write to ARC and CCA them and ask for a copy of the default notice, or if I should just ignore until such time as they make it clear what Britannic's instruction are. Apologies for taking up your time with my ramblings but I am feeling so stressed about how to proceed. Any advice would really be gratefully received. Many thanks.
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