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  1. Five years now for me. Would love to hear the details of your experience with Commercial First...do these people walk on water??!!
  2. Hi. Dealing with Commercial First. At my wits end. I got 'passed' on to Commercial First by Barclays, I had no knowledge whatsoever of this company. Seriously at wits end, complaint with FOS but I need to hear from anyone who has/is dealing with them. They seem to be above all law and it needs to stop. Please contact me. Thanks!
  3. I would really like to make contact with you as I am dealing with Commercial First. My case is with FOS, but I have a solicitor in the background who identified many issues (putting ot mildly!) and FOS have details from him. However, I am not confident with FOS. Quite a few issues really but Commercial First are breathing down my neck and my experience with them is shocking too. Please contact me, I need anything you can give me and it would be nice to have contact with someone who has, or is, dealing with Com. First as I am going through a bad time with these conmen and life has come to a sto
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