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  1. Should I say way these don't comply or just leave that to them to figure out?
  2. Ok thanks! That's more simple than I thought! Thanks dx100uk, I will send a letter to Reston's stating just that.
  3. I have today received a letter from Restons saying the following. Our client has informed us that your recent request for documentation has now been complied with. As such, they now require your proposals of payment. Please complete and return the attached financial statement by 7th May, failing which we may be instructed by our client to issue legal proceedings. What should I do now? Should I fill in the form? Thanks in advance
  4. Ok thanks for that, the link is quite interesting. Just one thing, am I right in thinking that as the terms and conditions supplied with what Arrow sent me refer to Santander that they can't actually be the original t&c? And I should receive the original ones, plus any changes since?
  5. I used byrom and keely I think it was, but this debt wasn't included in the plan, I have no idea why. I have searched thorugh bank statements and found a payment to ge capital bank, on the 6th nov 09 The last payment to byrom and keely was 27th April 2009, some of these have chased me but after sending Cca requests, I have received nothing back. Should I sit tight and wait for Restons to come back to me? Or send another letter to Arrow, telling them what they have sent me is not enforceable as you suggest?
  6. I am sure it was a Dorothy Perkins store card, it could be used in burtons too. So what do you think I should do now? Thanks very much, you have been really helpful, so far.
  7. Thanks for this, I dont have any further information to check if this default date is correct. But I am pretty sure this is a Store Card, through GE Capital bank, and I last made a payment on 6th Nov 2009.
  8. dx100uk I have re attached the returned letters from Arrow Globel. I have tried to erase personal information via the information you gave me but I still couldnt do it. So I have cut it out!!! Hope its ok to do this way. I have not received anything further as yet.
  9. Right I have just checked on Noodle and this Does appear on there, default date Aug 2010. I have just traced this through bank statements and can confirm with certainty, that the last date I made a payment was on 6th Nov 2009. I cant find any details of interest rates on the pages that I have received. What should I have received if this isnt enfoceable? Thanks found the interest rates 2.08% per month APR 28.0 for monthly direct debits 2.21% per month APR 29.9% for monthly payments by any other means.
  10. Thanks Andy, I have deleted them now. I didnt realise you could see the information There arent any numbers or dates on the pages as you describe, all thats on them is the reference number thats been handwritten. I will have a look on Noodle, I have used Experian in the past but havent noticed anything on my credit file, but I will have another look. So do I just wait for Restons to come back to me? and how do I go about the PPI on an account this old? And the hardship rules? whats that?
  11. I stopped paying around April 2009, as I had a debt management plan, but I had one that wasn't involved in the plan, I have a feeling that this might be the one, which I paid up to nov 2009, so if it is, then it's not sb yet. I will try and up load them shortly, for you to have a look at for me, thank you so much for the reply.
  12. Wondered if someone could help me. Last July I Received a letter from Restons, instructed by arrow global management, for a debt of around £1800. They were asking for full payment, or threatening court action. Following advise on forums, I sent a Cca request to both Arrow and Restons. I received a letter back saying they would request the information from the original creditor and the account would be placed on hold. Today, I have received a letter from Arrow, with a 4 page copy of what I belive to be the original credit agreement and terms and conditions.
  13. After some help if anyone can. My work colleague and friend hurt her shoulder in January and had 4 weeks off sick, she consulted her doctor, who signed her off for this period. On return to work she came back on reduced hours and light duties for several weeks. Eventually, she went back to her job on normal hours and duties. However, it quickly caused pain to her shoulder again, after seeing her doctor again, she was treated with a steriod injection, where she had to take a few days off work on the advise of her doctor. She returned to work, and several weeks later was back in the sam
  14. Okay thanks for that Andy, I am in the middle of another crisis at the moment (car has broken down), so I will be looking at this later today, I will post for help later, thanks very much
  15. Okay thank you, there are 3 defaults altogether, from 3 different companies. But as only Link Financial are chasing me I will deal with them first. I will look at sending this today, once again, thanks
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