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  1. I cannot get my head around the blatancy of them. They really do not care at all. I want to remove the clamp but I do not want to find myself arrested for criminal damage either. In a real catch 22.... I do not even know how much they are charging I have had no correspondence from them at all other than a sticker on my windscreen and this letter today.
  2. Letter received from Newlyns today: I would advise you that Newlyn Plc is working under instructions of our client London Borough of Newham, who have issued a warrant of execution at the traffic enforcement centre on the 27th February for non payment of a penalty charge notice. As certificated bailiffs we have een instructed to enforce the warant of execution and can make charge for the administration and enforcement of the warrant as per the Enforcement of Road Traffic Debts (Certificated Bailiffs) (Amendment) Regulations 2003 Please be aware that Newlyn Plc reserves the right to s
  3. Hi At the moment though there is a hold on all bailliff action from the court and I do intend to appeal should the council not accept my request to file out of time then I will take it further and ask for a formal hearing in the county court. I take it the bailiffs cannot take any further action whilst this is going on? Or can they just turn up and take the vehicle?
  4. Yes they confirmed they have received it they have it scanned on their system. They are saying that because it was outside the 28 days they had no responsibility to acknowledge or respond to it. There is about 600 outstanding on the log book loan and I have no idea what the car would be worth at auction I intend to fight this to the bitter end and will be asking for a hearing if the council reject my application to file out of time. They have until the 15th April to respond to the court. However, this does not help me now as I don't have my car. I have read somewhere about an ab
  5. No I have got nothing in writing only phone calls, it is a real struggle to get past customer service at Newham council apparently Parking services do not accept calls and as for the bailiffs they are just arrogant and rude and they keep telling me to speak to the bailiff who tells me to speak to them. I have never known anything like this. No it could not have been Saturday night and I drove it around 9pm sunday night so it was some time after that. My dog started barking in the early hours but there were no lights outside I think this must have been when they came but I have no idea what t
  6. It is Newham council and Newlyn Plc bailiffs. Another issue is that I was due to catch a flight at 7am that morning and went to get into the car at 5am they are stating they put the clamp on at 6.58am which is impossible. I have flight tickets to prove this. I have read somewhere they are not supposed to attend a property before 6am and after 9pm is this correct and if so what can I do
  7. I received a parking ticket in August last year, due to being 10 mins late back to my car. I did appeal this but it was outside the 28 days. I heard no more from the council and Monday last week went to get into my car to go to catch a flight and there was a clamp on my vehicle from bailiffs I filed a forms TE7 and TE9 with th court and the action has been put on hold. However, they are refusing to remove the clamp from my vehicle stating that the action was taken out prior to the court putting the clamp on therefore the clamp remains in place. Both the council and bailiffs are statin
  8. The publication by the OFT states It is a criminal offence to carry out any activity that requires a consumer credit licence under a name that is not on your licence.
  9. They are a one man band... They have been contacted in the first instance and were very rude and now they have just gone completely silent...
  10. Could somebody please help. Is a credit agreement that was taken out prior to a trading name being added to a licence legal and enforceable? I have just found out that I took out a log book loan with a sole trader. So the sole trader had (his name) trading as **** he had made application to have the name he traded with me as added to his licence but this name was not added until after the date we traded by (8 days). The OFT have advised that it is a criminal breach to use a name that is not on your licence but will not state whether or not the agreement is enfor
  11. I have just had a response from the OFT and they have stated that until the name is added to the licence it is a criminal breach. So my question now where do I stand? Is my credit agreement and or bill of sale void? If so how do I go about dealing with this mess. The details of the breach have been forwarded to the Trading Standards, the Financial Ombudsman is looking into this as well. Do I continue paying or are there any steps I can take myself? Many Thanks
  12. Hi Does anyone know if I can challenge a log book loan? I took out a log book loan in June 2011, when I spoke to the person down the phone I was told the only condition was that I had to keep the loan for a minimum of 3 months and then I could pay off the balance. The gentleman drove down from the north on the same day printed off some documents put me in the car and drove me to a solicitors office. I did not see the forms but was happy with what the lady had told me down the phone. I was later sent an unsigned credit agreement and my vehicle documents back. I have since foun
  13. Hi My story is a bit involved so I thought I would start at the top and gradually move through the different questions I have. My initial question is if somebody applies to the office of fair trading for an amendment to their licence eg: to add another trading style to it at what point are they allowed to actually trade. Is it from when the application is sent or from when it was approved. I have checked the public register of a particular licence holder and they applied for an additonal trading name and style of credit on the 31st May 2011 this is when the OFT has stated appl
  14. Thank you for your advice. I will give it a go. He is wanting me to tell them that he knew nothing about it and I did it without him knowing, which is NOT strictly true. Sure he did not know there was a credit account opened but neither did I. As far as I am concerned I was looking to order stuff that he had wanted me to. I do wonder whether or not it is worth me going to the police and explaining what has happened? Does that mean that he will have two defaults in his name one for Littlewoods and one for Lowell? We cannot hold a civil conversation so any communication we have usual
  15. Hi Yes the debt has been paid in full to Lowell. The goods were Christmas presents last year some of it was for him I thought I was ordering in my name it was my computer I did not know an account for littlewoods had been opened in his name, like I said earlier there were never any catalogues sent to the address and nothing was signed. I think littlewoods must have just opened a credit account without me realising. Apparently the account was opened in June 11. I think at the time I was looking for lacoste t shirts for him he was after a specific one that was eventually bought a
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