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  1. Hi, Good luck Chris....won't be long now. All the best Dinky:)
  2. Hi, The court worked it out as 14 working days for me, and that was around the bank holiday aswell...my timetable was calendar days...but it will work out in the end...just sit tight. Still no cheque from the bank...if its not here tomorrow they will have yet another phone call from me. Dinky:)
  3. Hi The day after i recieved an offer settling in full i had my account closed. They say its because i was overdrawn for such a length of time, but these were charges that i was disputing and had included in my claim. So beware they might've closed it, but under the banking code, they are not allowed to. check out the banking code bulletin board. Banking Code Standards Board Dinky:) PS i still have not recieved any money from them, i was supposed to have recieved a cheque today, but we'll see what mondays post brings.
  4. Hi Chris, I had an offer of £273 once i had already began my court claim, i simply wrote them a letter saying thank you for your offer, but as you might be aware there is a court claim in process and the amount i was claiming for. They then left it till they had 3 working days left to enter a defence before writing again offering a settlement in full. All the best with your claim. Dinky:)
  5. Hi, You use the same spreadsheet, that you used to calculate your charges. If you used vampiress's spreadsheet there is a section there that will calculate this interest for you. all the best Dinky:)
  6. Hi Honey, U get them girl, and good luck. Dinky:) Ps U are nuts lol
  7. Hi all, I tried opening an account with Natwest and they said No. I have 2 accounts with Nationwide, but without going into too much detail i really can't afford to wait the 7 working days for the cheque to clear. The -£84 that resulted in having my account closed was included in my claim, so that will go towards the fees at the pawnbrokers. Thank you all for your encouragement, and i wish you all well with your claims. Dinky:)
  8. Hi all, Went to the bank he phoned customer relations himself, and asked if they could over-ride collection departments desicion to re-open the account, and they said they couldn't under any circumstance reopen the account. They will be issuing a cheque after the bank holiday....i told them it is useless as i had no way of cashing it ( I have...but i was trying to play them off). The bank manager was giving it i'm so sorry..maybe you could open a savings account....and the look on my face must've said it all. So who gives you EXTRA? certainly not halifax!! I questioned him about the closure of the account and showed him the banking code bulletin, and he said it was purely coincidental that they closed the account, and was due to being overdrawn for a lenght of time, and nothing to do with the claim. (What a load of c**p) they're just protecting themselves. Anyway to save time when i recieve the cheque, i am cashing it at the pawnbrokers as they will only charge £200....and get this....£84 of it belongs to Halifax. Lmao. Anyway thank you all for your help, and congratulations, and wish you all well with your claims. Onto Nationwide next lol. Dinky:)
  9. Hi wife & i, I will do thank you very much for your help. Dinky
  10. Hi wife and i, I just phoned the bank and asked whether he has sorted it out yet, manager sais he has been busy with customers, but as soon as he has dealt with the customer he is with now, he will find out whats going on and phone me back before 4.00pm. Obviously the court closes at 4.00pm, so i phoned the court and told them the bank has closed my account and therefore has denied me access to payment...the lady told me well they will have to send you a cheque...and my advice is to phone the bank and ask them "how do u expect me to get my money if you have closed my account". She was not very helpful, but i told her i was telling her what the state of play was. It seem the customers in the bank are getting priority, so if he hasn't phoned me by 4.00pm, i will be going into the bank personally. Dinky:mad:
  11. Hi, The bank manager has just phoned me, he said hes gonna do some digging and research and find out whats happened and phone me bk about 3.00pm, so i'll keep u updated. Dinky:|
  12. Hi wife and i, Further back in my thread i mentioned, that i was overdrawn by £84 due to bank charges, the bank wrote to me and said if i never cleared this, they may close my account on the 7th August. I had included these charges into my claim and as the money is due to go into the account either today or tomorrow, would've cleared these charges. I do feel like they are being sneaky, if they were going to close my account or intended to why didn't they do it on the 7th. Dinky:(
  13. Ok thank you, i just phoned the manager back as he never phoned me within the hour, and Linda who i spoke to an hour ago....who has since had her hours lunch break, said he is still busy with customers. So i asked her if it would be quicker coming into the bank...after humming and harring, she said leave it with me, and i will grab him before he gets to the next customer...so now i have to wait another hour. P.s i have filled in the survey, can't post a donation as my money is in cyberspace somewhere. Dinky:(
  14. Hi all, I can't believe this, i had the letter from the bank yesterday willing to settle out of court....i sent the acceptence letter by special delivery in which they would've recieved that today...i checked my bank this morning and they've closed my account....I'M FUMING!! I phoned customer relations and they can't do anything, because they cant get my account details up, so i phoned my local branch direct and asked to speak to the bank manager, i was told he will phone me back within an hour....so 50 minutes have passed and i'm getting angrier by the minute. Why isn't anything straight forward anymore? And to top it all i've already sent the form to the court saying they are settling out of court...i feel like kicking myself. I was looking forward to that money for the bank holiday...so i'm going to tell my bank manager a cheque is not acceptable and i want my account re-opened for the money to be deposited into. Dinky:(
  15. I will do Wife and I thank you very much. Dinky:)
  16. Thank you Pinky i certainly will. Dinky:)
  17. Hi all, Recieved a letter from the bank today, they have offered me the full amount, minus the extra 6 months i was claiming for. Can a mod please change my heading to settled in full. I'VE WON!!!!!!! Dinky
  18. Hi all, Just a quick update, no news yet....the bank haven't even been in contact to acknowledge the claim or enter a defence, so they have 4 working days (taking into consideration the bank holiday) to enter a defence, or i have won by default. Been checking the bank online 2 - 3 times a day, and still nothing there. Dinky:)
  19. Hi, You dont send your N1 form to trinity road, you have to take this to your local county court, and as you are unemployed you will be exempt from the fees, but you will have to fill in form EX160A http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/c...x160a_0406.pdf . You also have to show proof of benefits dated within the last 3 months, and have 3 copies of your N1 form and spreadsheets, (1 for the courts, 1 for the bank and 1 for the court to send to you). Hope this helps. Dinky:)
  20. Hi Kandy and welcome to the site. Dinky:)
  21. CONGRATULATIONS Well done and happy spending!!! Dinky:)
  22. Yes that would be fine, you can change the amount right upto the date of the court claim. Dinky:)
  23. Hi all, I filed my claim at my local county court, all the way through this process, my timetable has been based on calendar days and not working days. the reply i recieved from the court was that the claim will be deemed to be served on 12th August, and the bank have till the 29th August to enter a defence, so looks like the court are working from working days and not calendar days, i thought the bank would have till the 26th August to enter a defence. Has this happened to anyone else? I am hoping to have a letter from the bank on Monday saying they're entering a defence, they're definitley dragging their feet. Dinky:)
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