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  1. Took out a policy with Bedford Insurance, they tried to cancel my policy twice whilst awaiting paper part of my replacement license, I forgot about the 3 points that were on it having not actually seen it for some consideable time. They charged me an additional amount to cover the points (fair enough) then cancelled the Insurance anyway, When I got this (recorded delivery) cancelation, I rang the 0870 number and asked wtf was going on, Oops they replied, Yes we can see you have paid the difference in the premium but your policy has been cancelled and you will have to take out a new policy, good news is your insurer, Highway is only charging you £ 43.00 for the length of time you have been on cover and if you pay now we will renew your policy without any break in cover!!:-x


    Called them up earlier this week to advise of a change of vehicle and switch over policies, gettin a smaller sized, newer van with a smaller engine, I thought there would be a refund in premium due back:sad: Not a chance!!:mad2: £159.00 more and because you pay your premium annually you have to pay it in full NOW, When the renewal is due, I won't be going anyhere near them:| Steer Well Clear of BEDFORD INSURANCE AKA VAN QUOTE DIRECT

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