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  1. Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately as this was not handled by myself but Manchester Advice, I don't have all the paperwork, just the copies of the CCJ's themselves. Manchester Advice are no more so I'm unable to rectify this. Therefore I don't know whether Manchester Advice contested the claims on my behalf. The papers I do have are entitled Judgment For Claimant (after determination) - these were issued on 17 Oct 2007 and 9 Nov 2007 from Wandsworth County Court. They tried to get another Court hearing regarding the latter of the CCJ's - they claimed that I was in arrears. Fi
  2. I have just set up a new thread for this and called it simply HFO Services/Turnbull Rutherford. Many thanks. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?370390-HFO-Services-Turnbull-Rutherford&p=4028028&highlight=#post4028028
  3. Thank you for your information / advice so far. I have 2 CCJ's that have been with HFO Services / Turnbull Rutherford, which have been in force since Oct/Nov 2007. I pay £1 per month on each. As I stated earlier, they did try to say I had arrears and take me to Court on one of these CCJ's previously. This appears to be what they are trying to do again. The last time the case was transferred to Manchester - they didn't turn up and it was judged 'out of time' and it was thrown out. They are using one of the CCJ Claimant Refs on the letter that I have just received from them and are statin
  4. Thank you again for your replies. I'm new to this site so please bear with me while I try to create a thread. Apparently there's a video that can tell me how to do this so I'll take a look at that.
  5. Broken Arrow - Thank you for your response too. I have been making payments since Oct 2007 after they obtained a CCJ. They did however try to state that I was in arrears previously, which I wasn't, and take me to Court a couple of years back. I, with the help of Manchester Advice, got this transferred to a Court in Manchester and when I attended they didn't turn up. The Judge threw it out anyway because they were 'out of time', whatever that meant. As you can imagine, I was quite happy with this outcome. No, they have never sent me any kind of annual statement.
  6. Donkey B - Thank you for your response. The letter I received is a Turnbull Rutherford letterhead. In the letter they have put Our Client: HFO Services Limited. I thought that Alistair Turnbull actually bought the debt from them - is this the case. It was initially a Barclaycard debt.
  7. Thank you for the information. Crikey, it sounds like this Hypolite person is yet another dodgy character ! He is using the Turnbull Rutherford letterhead though. The letter I received stated that I had arrears and also that their letter was a final reminder. I can hardly be blamed for them changing address and not informing me ! I have written a letter to them stating this and enclosing the returned payment to them. For the time being I can't see that they can take this further but I will keep you posted. Can people that are in voluntary liquidation and being investigated by the O
  8. Turnbull Rutherford / HFO It seems that this company has reared its ugly head again ! I have received a letter stating that I'm in arrears and its from Turnbull Rutherford Solicitors and signed by Rodney Hypolite. I had a previous payment returned by the Post Office from their previous address. Their new address that they're trading from is :- Building 3 Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5YA. Is Alistair Turnbull still undergoing voluntary liquidation and are the Office Of Fair Trading investigating ?? I would be grateful for any information regarding this.
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