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  1. Yes I have it all. ERC was 6% of loan. There was 7 months left. It cost me £15k. The letters I sent complaining of their aggressive legal action I have.
  2. Thanks. They're trying to say they didn't sell me the product, the broker did. The mis-selling part is out of the 6yr rule. However I'm going to say the complaint regarding the ERC payment is tied into them selling me two mortgages when they shouldn't have.
  3. I recently opened a claim against GMAC for a very high early repayment charge I padi back in 2007. The reason for the early payment was due to having 2 properties both (through GMAC I couldn't afford) and the crunch happened and I couldn't get a tennant. I was a couple of months overdue with payments but GMAC bullied me into putting both houses up for sale. They were vicious and bullying. The actual ERC was higher than the last 10 mortgage payments. I paid around £12k for paying 10 months early in a 2 year contract. I'm wondering what other cases there are similar to mine in ord
  4. Hi. I am interested in getting qualified in offering consumer advice or something related in the future... What courses are out there? I'm having trouble finding one. A
  5. no need for that. I was replying to your option of going through bank records. Thats all well and good if they can find you and your details
  6. If a bank can't find your loan or previos account with them, how can i obtain any transaction info i need?
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