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  1. Hi All, My employer sponsored me for an educational programme and I have signed in a contract to repay all or part of these fees should I voluntarily leave the company. The agreement says, if I leave in 2012 - Total payback on leaving £4850 2013 - Total payback on leaving £3210 2014 - Total payback on leaving £1570 2015 - Total payback on leaving £500 I have handed in my notice and leaving them by end of Nov 12. My employer says that I need to payback £4850 however my argument is that I have worked for 11 months in Y2012, so accordingly the payment has to be reduced on prorate basis. The agreement didn't specify any prorated deduction. It didn't taken into account of months worked within a year. Do you think, I have some argument to put forward? Do you think that my employer is fair to me? Looking forward to hear from you all. Thanks for reading my post. Regards, Baskey
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