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  1. Yes, on my journey home I travelled without my Oyster card. On my Oyster card is a monthly travel card for Zones 1-2. This means that I only have to touch in/out when I'm travelling out of these two zones, or when there is a barrier to get through at a station. Although I should always have my card on me, I feel a bit ripped off because I have actually paid for all of my travel for the month with my travel card.
  2. On the DLR on my way home from work today, I got fined £40 for not having my Oyster Card on me. I travelled 3 stops. This is the first time this has happened and I'm not one to be avoiding paying fares. As it happens, I pay for a Zones 1-2 monthly travel card on my Oyster, so I never touch in or out on the DLR (within Zones 1-2), as my journeys are covered. Does the fact that I have already paid for my travel in advance (they can check their databases) give me grounds for appealing the fine? It just seems a bit silly that I have to pay a fine for a genuine mistake, when I have
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