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  1. yeah I have done court claims before so understand, was just wondering what amount to put for distress. I think breaking it down as suggested and just asking for ditress at the courts discretion is a good idea then, although if he pays up before it goes to court there wont be any distress money. thanks
  2. Hi, I won an ebay auction back on 15th May 2007 for a pair of concert tickets, paid by cheque £155. Now, 7 months later, I was growing increasingly concerned as the seller ignored all communication. As the concert date loomed my wife, who was dearly looking forward to the concert was getting quite upset. Actually, this concert was extremely important to her, being a regrouping of her favourite band who were reforming. The day of the concert and still no tickets - my wife was completely crushed and extremely upset - having not only lost the money, but more significantly, to feel utterly dejected and anti climactical after waiting eagerly for 7 months. I am going to place a small claims action for the £155 plus 8% APR, but I really want to claim for distress and disappointment too - and this I really need some advice for: I have heard of this for holidays gone wrong, but is it valid for me to claim undermy circumstances? If so, what are the relevant laws/statutes to be quoting? And how do I come up with an amount?! I would just say £50 to make it easy and for the principle of the thing, but I honestly feel it should be much more, however I dont want it to fall down in court. any advice grewtly appreciated
  3. thanks. Just to be on the safe side I have sent a notification of money claim to both addresses, and a cpy of all previous correspondance to the Halifax address. Hopefuly this wil let them know I'm serious, and they wont be able to argue that they dont know the backgrund story.
  4. Hi, I have sent all previous letters to the Livingstone address which I didnt realise was in scotland. The money claim website needs a England address so I have entered the Halifax address: RE: Intelligent Finnace Legal Services Retail Division Trinity Road Halifax HX1 2RG Is this correct/OK? I dont want them to think its out of the blue because all the previous communications occured with another office?
  5. Hi, On the 19th of June I sent a Subject Access request to Nationwide clearly requesting a list of transactions and charges relating to a bank account that is now closed. As i closed the account about 2 years ago I have no idea what my account number was, and dont know how to find it out. But in the letter I reminded them that under the data protection act they still have to supply me with the account information. A payment of £10 was made for this request, and after 37 days I received a large binder in the post, however it contained absolutely no information about my Bank account. The information in the binder is as follows: A covering letter saying 'here is the information you requested' A section entitled 'personal loan computer information' which contains some printouts about a personal loan I applied for and got rejected in 2005. A section called 'data protection (computer)' which just contains copies of the letters I have sent them and their replies, with a photocpy of the cheque they cashed. A section entitled 'guide to your account information' which is just a huge load of bumf like a glossary explaining what every term means. Finally, the section 'data protection register - entry details', which shows "in very general terms" all the reasons that Nationwide process data for, from 'staff administration' to 'provision of financial services'. I am very annoyed and upset that after spending 37 days and £10 I have not received the information I requested. I have complained to the information commissioner but think that may be a slow process. I want to complain to nationwide too, but can they argue that they couldnt provide the info becuase I didnt provide an account number? They managed to find my loan application based on my name alone!! what to do next? cheers alex
  6. Hi all, I have just begun my first stages of claiming. About a year or two ago Nationwide smacked me with £££ of charges and I was so angry I closed the account. Now I want to claim back! From what I have read using a closed account on a claim is no problem, however, I do not have any paperwork left and do not know my account number. Is there a way I can find out what the account number was? Or will my name and address be sufficient for them to deal with the Data Protection request? cheers alex
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