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  1. Thanks, obviously I am thinking I will have to do that & have started shopping around again. But that doesn't help in 2 respects: 1) The administrative/system error is not my fault, yet even if I get refunded, I've been charged £53 cancellation fee for the hassle 2) I'd saved up & paid the policy in full to keep costs down. I just don't have another £450 to buy a new, and far as I'm concerned, completely unnecessary 2nd policy.
  2. After very carefully shopping around to find the cheapest deal to insure my car, I bought a policy with Quotemehappy.com on 30th September. On Monday 1st October I purchase my new car, however I still needed to sell my old car. I am disabled and due to illness this took longer than anticipated. I explained this to Quotemehappy.com and arranged for an extension to send in my proof of No Claims' Discount, which was granted until 22nd October. On 19th October, I sold my old car and phoned Admiral (my previous insurers) to cancel my policy and request that my confirmation be sent out. As this was going to take a few days, I asked if this letter could be attached to an e-mail and sent to me, so that I could upload it on the Quotemehappy website. The staff member said this was fine, however the e-mail I received was not what I had asked for, although it did confirm the necessary details. (Upon my third phone call to Admiral, I was informed that it was not possible for them to attach a copy of the posted letter of confirmation and I would have to wait for the hard copy to arrive). I went ahead and uploaded the proof to the QMH website, however after several attempts it did not seem to be going through as I was being returned to the same page and no confirmation was given or e-mail received (after some time). Thus, I e-mailed QMH to inform them of this issue and forwarded them the confirmation e-mail from Admiral, adding that I could scan in and forward the letter once I had received it via the post. As their system says, replies to e-mailed correspondence takes a few working days, so I didn't take any further action. Today, 24th October, I received a text and e-mail from QMH to say that my policy has been cancelled. Due to the company being online only, I cannot call to speak to anyone about this. I am very annoyed and worried as I am disabled and dependent on my car for mobility. I cannot risk being uninsured, yet I feel I have done everything I can to fulfill with the necessary procedures and have been penalised for a system error which was not my fault. Please advise...
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