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  1. Andrew,


    We received your letter today but rather than send a email or letter which will never be seen again I'm writing the reply on here so I know you see it. First of all your excuse of sending the letter to a Mr Johnson instead of myself as he was on the receipt for work was awful, Mr Johnson is my partner and lives at the same address so I fail to see how that would stop the letter getting to us? Second of all my name plus address was on all correspondence so not overly sure why you got his name off the receipt?!


    Right to the letter, so I wanted to check first of all you had the right couple. In the letter you say you did the work 'according to the MOT failure sheet' we presented. OK will this is news to us we have all our MOT sheets ever and we have never had any failure on the roll bar, CV boot etc plus the fact the car was MOT about a week ago since Nov 2011 so how you got that info I have no idea.


    Also Simon was the guy who Mr Johnson spoke to who told us quite a different story to your letter. The one who advised small claims so no we won't be phoning him for more lies thanks.


    We took the car in with the noise and drove out with the noise. The car was driven out at around 5 and my partner had to collect me from work, we we're going to take it back the next morning because by that point we were advised you we're shutting but I thought to myself...you know what it's my car, I've heard bad things since I mention KwikFt had our car....I'll get a second opinion. SO less than 12 hours later at 8:30am Pro Tyre were checking the car and told me you had completed the work wrong and also missed the broken roll bar which you could NEVER have missed as its right next to what you 'fixed'. Never mind the fact you gave our car back broken without test driving it first which is awful. Which by the way loved Simons statement of 'trusting his boys and they would never give it back untested'. Well they did it made a bad nosie going in, was still doing when it came out. It's not rocket science- they lied.


    Pro-tyre did fit different parts to what you did as you didn't fix the problem!! You carried out unneeded work! You also ignored a broken roll-bar which is pretty dangerous but yes of course you told us to come back then you could fix that and bag more money! Excellent for you guys!


    Now, I've had my letter through which informs me you have until the 1st Dec to give us our money back or we go to court. We now have in writting your lie and all our proof so in fact anyone can see more than ever your lying.


    Do what's right for once, stop lying and return our money. Sorry but we're not going away and taking your lie upon lie.


    Oh and you can reply on here with some more lies etc if you feel but you won't hear from us again now, your letter only helped us to prove our case. Thanks.


    Look forward to receiving our money rightfully back.


    Kim Fairbanks and Mr Johnson


    P.s You put Twitter on your letter as our point of contact....this isn't Twitter I'm afraid, your as bad with your social websites as you are car parts.

  2. Hi Andy,


    No we never received a letter back to our three letters sent to you or any replies to the four/five emails sent to different email addresses including the one above and no information over the phone. That's one black hole for upset customer communication you have there at head office.


    As for our address, it'll be on the court issued claim so if you want to send us a cheque etc for the money I suggest you take the address from there otherwise there is nothing more to communicate about.



  3. Hi Andy,


    Thanks for your reply but we already spoke to your area manager about it who advised us Kwik Fit wouldn't do anything after several phone calls with him/customer services and that we should just go to the small claims court if we want our money back as Kwik Fit didn't want to know.


    We spoke to citizens advice and some other sources who advised with our evidence we had a extremely strong case so the claim was issued Monday by the court so there's not much more to say on this forum.


    We sent emails to the address above you supplied plus the main customer service email address plus rang/sent letters etc so it's 'odd' how they never got through. The claim has been issued and we await our money back.




  4. So a little update, we finally got a call to which the area manager for Kwik Fit tried to feed my other half some rubbish to which my other half replied we have evidence etc you did it wrong etc. The area manager said that the work was carried out fine to regulations which is totally wrong and the work wasn't needed anyway. He lied or the mechanics at the Poole branch lied about what we had agreed.


    The manager then called customer services then rang us back and told us 'we believe we carried out the work to proper quality control procedure so if you want to go to small claims its up to you. Good luck'. Disgusting! So small claims it is. x

  5. That's terrible! My frustration has also been made worse by the fact that we took our car for it's MOT Monday just gone and the only thing it failed on was some of the work Kwik Fit did that didn't need doing! So not only did they do work that didn't need doing they did it wrong meaning our car failed the MOT.


    We were also really upset to learn that they charged us for VW parts but the garage who did our MOT told us the parts used were cheap parts not made by VW.


    Honestly I'm so upset about it all, mainly because I just wanted to sort it out with them but 6 emails, 4 letters and 2 telephone calls later I've still had no response from them at all. I've been totally ignored and I don't understand how they get away with it especially when everyone is so tight for money. Me and my partner are getting married plus moving this month so the money they took off us we really need back.


    I'm the same as you I tell everyone not to use them although most people seem to agree and have a story of their own!! It's scary how many people have had awful experiences. x

  6. Yes that's fine, I wasn't sure about my suggestion anyway! ;) Thanks for your help and here's hopping they might be bothered to contact me soon, I really wanted to try and sort this out like adults rather than through the small claims court. xx

  7. Of course no problem! Am I OK to change the title? Sorry if I'm asking a silly question, still working out the website :) Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it. They really don't seem to want to talk to me!! ;)

  8. Almost another week gone by and still NO email or response at all from Kwik Fit......Kwik Fit really do ignore and keep on ignoring, I'm shocked they have any customers after everything I've read and experienced.

  9. Thank you for the reply and for doing that, I really appreciate it. I really don't like 'kicking off' about things as I always think there must be a easier way to sort things out but I'm just beyond frustrated and upset. Once again thanks for taking the time to reply! :) x

  10. KwikFit Customer Service team I'm so upset with you and the way you treat your customers. I've tried emailing, writing letters and phoning to be completely ignored! Not even a reply. I've sent evidence that did work to our car that was done wrong, not needed and took our money. I even have a statement from a mechanic from a well respected garage services who has stated you did the work wrong etc. I've sent all of this to you and yet I hear nothing. I also have a tread on this forum to which I was given advice but you ignored those letters also.


    It's outrageous you can treat people like this! Why should I have to pay and go through the upset of all of this to get my hard earned money back when you took it from me for work that didn't need doing and was done wrong?!


    I want a reply finally with a solution, don't push me in to taking legal action.


    Kim Fairbanks

  11. Thanks for this and replying. I'll see what they say but they seem to be very good at ignoring people. I can't believe after reading all the complaints on the web there still trading! It's the fact mostly that there completely ignoring us, that's just so rude. They really think nothing of there customers.

  12. Hi Everyone,


    I'm really hoping someone can help me as I've had no joy at all trying to sort this out myself and it's quite upsetting.


    We took our car in to the Poole branch a few weeks ago to ask them to sort out a 'bump' noise and the handling of our car as it felt unsafe. They then 'fixed' it which cost us quite a lot of money especially in these times. After my other half picked it up he drove it away and it made the same noise etc. He phoned them and they apologised and said to bring it back for further work. We were at first angry they didn't test it after doing the work to check the noise and also the fact we paid and it was still broken. My partner being a ex-mechanic had a bad feeling about it so I took it Pro-Tyre in Poole. They took one look at it and said the work had been carried out badly and also wasn't needed. In fact the problem was the roll-bar which was directly next to what they had 'fixed' so there was noway they could've missed it. Also driving around with a broken roll bar is not safe!

    Feeling really upset the mechanic gave me a statement saying the work was incorrect and not needed. This along with a very upset email I sent to Kwik Fit demanding a refund. I heard nothing so I sent a letter. I eventually got a voice mail on my phone saying it was now in the area managers hands and they would do nothing else. I had one call from the area manager which I missed and that was it. I had already stated in my letter anything they had to say I wanted written in a letter as I'd been advised this to have a paper trail. Still nothing from them. I've emailed again and sent a letter and received no phone calls, letters or emails. No sign of our hard earned money being given back as well. They seem to think ignoring us will make us go away but I'm determined to get our money back. I think it's awful in these times they've done this!! We have to MOT and tax our car next month plus we're getting married and moving so every penny counts, we're really upset their ignoring us. I've sent letters, emails etc in the last week and still had NOTHING in return. I've tried calling and been told over the phone they can't do anything and someone will be in touch. Total lies.




    I'm really disgusted and upset about all of this, mostly being ignored! If anyone can help that would be amazing.


    Many thanks for taking the time to read.

    Kim xxx

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