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  1. Dear All, I am not sure what I have signed unfortunately. To my knowledge I have not signed anything like that, at least I was not informed out overdrafts by a Lloyds employee. If eventually I have signed the overdraft that means I have to pay?
  2. After I used my LLoyds debit card in a hotel outside UK, bank has withdrown 5 GBP and charged me ever since on a daily basis until the amount reaches 172.23 GBP when they stopped. I had no intension of paying, especially ever since a friend "negotiated" with a Lloyds bank cashier over her overdraft and she settle down the amount! Then I received a letter from a company named APEX credit management about the outstanding balance of 172,23 GBP on 28 Aug 2012. "We have been advised by our client that the option to pay a reduced settlement is available to you. Depending on your circumstances the discount available can be up to 20%. In order to allow you to take advantage of this offer we may be able to schedule the settlement in instalments over 90 days. This offer is not open to everyone and is available for a limited time." bLAH BLAH BLAH Please I am in desperate need of an advice what do you suggest me to do? FYI I am Greek and I live in Greece for more than 2 years now. I am fed up with this bank. my debit card expires on 1/2013.
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