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  1. Trust me that is absolutely pointless, I just went through this exact same process and the only way he's going to get a refund is if he goes through the warranty group and get them to take ownership of the TV, then you will get a refund.
  2. I had to go through The Warranty Group, they took ownership of the TV and gave me a full refund. Had to fight tooth and nail for it though!
  3. Jesus Christ, what the hell are they doing stocking counterfeit headphones? I hope you get something sorted with Visa to get your money back, you definitely just need to keep on at people to get somewhere, don't give up, I spent over two months of calls/emails/banging my head off a brick wall to get my refund.
  4. Just a thought but would this be worth making stickied as it's a success and might give someone who's in the same or similar situation some help?
  5. Thanks people, I'm so chuffed You've all really helped me out and given me great advice, it's much appreciated.
  6. UPDATE! Refund is on it's way for the full price of the TV! The warranty group have taken ownership and written it off. In all fairness the lady at Comet who's been helping me the past couple of days has been a godsend, she's had to blag for this for me and I'm over the moon Can't believe I've finally got the result I wanted
  7. What I'll do when I reply with all the details they've asked for is tell them outright what the problem is and that there's no need for an engineer, any engineer that attempts to fix it with two brain cells will see it's horizontal banding, it's a really simple problem to diagnose once some searching around the internet has been done to find out the terminology for it. It's an inherent fault with a lot of Plasma tvs and users are advised that the tv should be serviced if they suffer with this issue. I'm not paying for an engineer, that's absurd. They can send one out if they want though, but they won't.
  8. FINALLY some light at the end of the tunnel! I've had a call from the warranty group who run extracare, they want pictures of the tv before and after damage, which I have. They want a copy of the condition report the delivery driver signed and put "no visible damage" on it. They also asked if I could get an engineer to look over the TV and diagnose exactly what the issue is with it, I'm not really keen on this idea though as that is going to cost me money, I know exactly what the issue is, it's horizontal banding. Just thought I would let you know what has happened.
  9. Been there done that unfortunately, they didn't seem to know what to suggest to do other than call the administrators, which I then tried to do but got nowhere.
  10. The thing is, Comet damaged it, Comet failed to repair, Comet are offering to pick up the TV and repair again. But Comets assets are frozen due to the administration so I simply cannot get a refund from Comet, nor do they have money to repair it, that's why it's been returned to me completely wrecked. That's what makes sense to me anyway as my repairs occurred right before the announcement of administration, I think any mistakes they'd made months prior to administration were generally down to them being rubbish though. Once the administrators have announced what's happening then I'll perhaps be able to get something sorted, but until then, I can't send the TV off for repair as they've already proven they can't fix it, but they can't refund me either. In short, I'm screwed for the time being and have no clue what to do other than wait.
  11. There's nothing I can do, the repairs are currently carried out by comet and comets assets are seized. I'll have to wait for the administrators to announce what will be happening, if comet does go under the warranty company will be getting a new repairs place, if this is does happen I'll send the tv to them for repair. Literally no point me sending it to comet again as they've blatantly got no money to fix or refund, that's why it keeps being returned with no repairs done to it.
  12. Called the extracare people today to get a full refund as I've not received any response within three working days as promised by the directors office I'm meant to be getting a call back tomorrow from a manager at extracare, if it doesn't get sorted I'm literally going to be forced into taking it to the small claims court.
  13. The lady at the directors office said to give them up to 3 working days to respond after investigating. Tomorrow will be the fourth working day so I'm expecting a reply, if I do get anywhere I will post up, I'm guessing I won't get a reply and I'm not going to get a refund.
  14. I received a pretty swift reply today from the Directors office requesting further info so they can investigate, they said it will take no longer than 3 days to get back to me. I included all the details in my original email, including all the lies I've been told, and the unnecessarily aggressive delivery drivers I think they've thought it's a pretty bad case after reading it all so are dealing with it quickly. It's no wonder they're going into administration, the company is a complete disaster, hundreds if not thousands of people unhappy with their service, or lack of I should say! Thanks everyone for your help with this, I know it's not over and I will report back to you what they say in the reply You've all been brilliant in giving me the extra confidence with your advice and help to pursue them for how I've been treated.
  15. I phoned the workshop after I received it the other day and I was told that they did NOTHING to repair any damage, they said they replaced some internal part which has made no difference whatsoever to the original fault I sent it off for. They did however put some sort of sticky tape all over the back of the tv and then left all the glue residue stuff on it. I've just emailed the chairmans office, let's hope they do something about it.
  16. Don't worry I won't! I had an idea, SOGA covers me for the purchase of the tv and the warranty, so if I were to go back to the shop I brought it from with all the evidence and proof of purchases, do you think I could claim a refund for both from them rather than go through sending letters to head office etc? I reckon it must be worth a try, or do you think they will just say no?
  17. Ok so the tv has returned, Still damaged, I phoned aftercare up and they told me nothing has been done except an internal change, so I'm guessing some sort of circuit board etc Fuming is not the word, I've just phoned trading standards to get the head office address, I've got to write to them now.
  18. Actually dreading the tv coming back tomorrow morning now, I just know that it's going to be another ordeal I'll have to sort out. I'll post up on here when it's returned to me and let you know what's going on, hopefully it's fixed and I'm happy but I really doubt it.
  19. Yes I know Bazooka, when the guy at trading standards told me I'd be able to claim the extended warranty payment back I was over the moon. This is all based on the tv coming back with faults and damage though.
  20. Thanks everyone for your responses, you've been really helpful, Just to let you guys know, I've just been on the phone to trading standards. They've advised me to wait until tuesday when the tv arrives, if the repairs are satisfactory and it works perfectly then that's the ideal situation and to leave it at that. If however I'm not happy with the repairs, I should call them back and get the address for head office and they will help me with the letter. They advised that I can either get a refund, a like for like replacement or I can have them repair it again. I'm not going to let them try to repair it any longer, I'll most likely be getting a replacement or refund, also I can claim a refund for the extended warranty as it's been a waste of money.
  21. Ok a little update for you I called the hub where the tv is being fixed this morning as I was meant to get a callback but as per usual I have to chase them up, I called to find out if all the damage has been sorted and ready for the saturday delivery they apparently booked in and I get told they'll get back to me. I then phoned up Comet today with the intention of speaking to the Manager at the store the tv was purchased, I got passed onto someone else who called the hub where the tv is being repaired, I told them I'm inches away from calling trading standards as the customer service and the way I've been dealt with has been disgraceful, she agreed and said she didn't blame me! Even Comet employees are agreeing their service is a joke now! The lady tells me that my details have been emailed to the workshop to check if the tv has been fixed as she has just spoken to the people at the hub who are admin and they can't see or check if the damage has been repaired and they will get back to me. Here's the good part, get this, I then get a call back from the hub who tells me that they've just checked the tv personally and seen that there's no damage and the tv is in perfect working order, no faults whatsoever! So is she lying or is the phone operative lying? I've been lied to so many times during this process that I don't know who to believe any more. I then said is the tv ok to be delivered as already arranged for saturday afternoon? I'm then told there hasn't been any saturday afternoon delivery booked in. So the person I spoke to yesterday lied about booking in a delivery. I now have to wait till next tuesday when I shall see if the tv has been repaired, I hope it has but I really can't hold my breath seeing as they've messed me about this much already.
  22. So if the tv comes back on saturday with the damage still on it you think I should go to the store and make a formal complaint even though it's extra care who is at fault?
  23. Ok the tv was originally purchased november 2010, we also took out an additional 5 year warranty at the same time. Tv was bought from Comet castle vale, Birmingham. The warranty is with Extra Care, they organised all the repairs.
  24. Our TV had two faults It turned itself on randomly from standby and it also had grey panels across the screen when the screen had a white image on it. Everything else was MINT condition, not a scratch on it. They turned up to take it away, they didn't wrap it in any kind of protective covering ie: bubble wrap etc. It was jammed into a tv container including the metal stand attached to it, it clearly wasn't meant to all fit in the box. I called them to see what was happening, they tell me they've fixed the turning on from standby randomly issue, I ask them if they've fixed the grey panels when a white image is shown and they have no clue. I get a call from them saying they've sent my tv to the wrong depot and the return delivery is delayed by about a week. We randomly got sent a Samsung remote through the post with my partners name on it and our job number, the buttons on the remote had been chewed so god knows who's this controller was, just goes to show how completely incompetent they are! The tv is returned, the delivery guy puts the tv down in my hallway which is very dark and hurry's me to sign the papers saying "nothing wrong with it is there, sign here please" rushing me to do it whilst I'm trying to look. I take the tv into my living room and the outside high gloss plastic edge is cracked and scratched! Obviously done when they took the tv away, I ran out to the delivery guy, got him to come back in and look at hit, he proceeds to lick his finger and try and rub the scratches off making more scratches saying "oh it's just tape" I said it's obviously not tape! It's cracked and scratched! I phone them up furious that they've taken it away to fix it and it's come back damaged. To top it all off they didn't even fix the grey panels issue previously mentioned. They arrange to come pick it up in a couple of days time. I phoned them up today as it's been over a month now they've had the tv (bar 2 or 3 days when it got dropped back and then sent off again) I asked the lady on the phone if they had fixed the damage, all she said was "They've replaced the screen and fixed some scratches on the back of the tv" I didn't even report any scratches on the back of the tv, the scratches were on the front, on the plastic edge. I get fobbed off again with "I'll speak to the person who dealt with the tv and I'll phone up the place where the tv is now to see if they've fixed the damage then I'll call you first thing tomorrow" I know damn well I won't get a call and I'll have to call them for the hundredth time. I get a call back saying they're going to deliver the tv back on saturday, my predicament is if the tv returns wit the damage that the delivery people caused to it, what do I do? We've been without a tv for over a month now, I'm looking for advice on what I should do, any light you can shed will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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