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  1. Unless I'm wrong Equidebt were a debt buyer in the Midlands that went bust a few months ago, they in turn probably purchased that debt from someone else most likely the actual original creditor, it sounds to me like Lowell have bought some debt from Equidebt and the stat demand has been filled out incorrectly which should be grounds alone for setting it aside. You should direct your request for information to the law firm yes as well as making your application to set aside which would need to be served on them also. May even be worth a complaint to the relevant bodies for stat demanding over a 'fresh air' debt. Thanks
  2. There will be several hundred possibly early 4 figures a year that aren't getting the help they need, a weekly read of the London Gazette would confirm that. The amount that they wont be successful on will be very low percentage vs success.
  3. If you receive a stat demand from BW then it isn't an empty threat they have instructions to take it all the way through and in reality are incentivised to do so due to the costs they can rack up if a bankruptcy order is made, this is particularly relevant if you have a property with equity in it. Most Law Firms / DCA's work on commission now pre bankruptcy order so you could make the argument that the financial incentives for them are to make people bankrupt due to the recipricol nature of the industry as they have more currency to give out to the IP's they represent in other areas, plus the costs schedule they put in are far greater than the percentage recovery they make on the face value of the debt and rarely challenged by the Trustee in Bankruptcy. Follow all the advice given, demand paperwork, apply to set this aside and in the unlikely event they get their ducks in a row and defeat your application send in an I&E and make a monthly offer which will be accepted due to the risk averse nature of their client, if they dont accept it email the Lowell Directors direct and complain.
  4. Hi I'm doing some research on this topic and was wondering if there was definitive list of retailers who had signed up to this scheme? Additionally does anyone have any examples of the types of letters that are sent that they could scan up? Any help would be much appreciated Thank you
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