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  1. No luck from anyone they all just keep saying the same thing over and over. I may have to leave my key with concierge so he can let them in to avoid the locks being changed. I have a stage 3 complaint but they just keep repeating themselves, it's ridiculous. They are saying they want the full balance plus fees to reconnect. This is going to be impossible so I guess I will be left with no electric until the week before Christmas. What makes it even worse is that we use electric for everything including our heating and cooking, so in effect we will have nothing, they have no sympathy what so eve
  2. I totally agree they have been the same with me. However in my case they plan to cut us off as they believe they can't fit a meter as we live in a large apartment block and we don't have access to the meter. They have also said that they will still need access to our apartment to check they have cut us off properly. I also am working and am not able to be here when they plan to break into my apartment. I think it's appalling. I plan to speak to the citizens advice bureau tomorrow. I also am going to give Scottish power our correct meter reading as the bills they are trying to claim f
  3. Hello, Sorry I was at work and have only just got your message. I have now emailed my details as requested. Is it still possible for me to be spoken to today as the action is planned for tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Scottish Power are demanding half the balance of £1125.70 that I owe or they will come and fit a prepayment meter in my home, with force aparently. I have already paid them £25.70 and offered them £250 today and said I would pay £300 on 07/11/12 however they have turned around and refused unless I pay them £550. Surely as I am willing to clear the debt quite quickly they would just accept that payment and stop their plans. They have told me to "be home" on Thursday. But won't tell me what time and we are in work all day. I live in an apartment block and don't know where our mete
  5. Hello, I owe Scottish Power £1125.70 and have not been able to pay the bill. I didn't hear from them for a while and to be honest forgot all about the debt. I then received a letter saying they have a warrant of entry and are coming to fit a prepayment meter, whether I am home or not. I called the company and paid them £25.70 and said I would try to get some more money together to which I was told they wanted half the debt or they would still use their warrant. I live in a large apartment block and am not even sure where the meters are myself so I don't see them bre
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