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  1. Ok no problem,but what do you mean add some spacing?
  2. I received a letter Saturday morning notifying me my 365 day cb ESA had ended & I will no longer get anymore money it goes without saying I panicked big time! As I had to wait all weekend to sort it out,so this morning I phoned the number it told me to & the lady (I use that term very loosely) I spoke to with utter distain & disgust in her voice proceeded to tell me it wasn't her problem & I'm just going to have to put up with it! I told her me & my partner have 2 children under the age of 16 to try & cloth & feed so what am we supposed to do? I was imploring her to give me some reassurance & advise me with what to do next because we made a joint claim for me to go on my partner's JSA claim over a month ago (surprise surprise they have no record of a form being sent in!) she then proceeded to basically accuse me of trying to defraud the benefit system until I finally got it through her head the claim hasn't gone through by this time I knew I was gonna get absolutely no help off this woman so sick was I of her attitude I asked what her name was "why?" she asked so I can make a complaint against you,on hearing that she hung up the phone abruptly while I was mid sentence. I would just like some advice of where I & my partner stand because nobody is helping us. I find it incomprehensible that the dwp are continually getting away with treating people like this taking away sick people's money with no warning & being expected just to put up with it! It got me wondering if there's any human rights violations here as surely it's a basic human right to get what the law says is enough money to live on. I always knew this evil,sadistic coalition government hated the poor & love treating us like parasites but never to this extent! All these poor (deserving) sick people are just going to get worse I myself have bi-poler disorder & I thought I was getting my life back on some sort of an even keel that was until today that is & it does make you wonder if playing by the rules & doing things by the book is the right thing to do. You know iv'e never wished Ill on anyone but I really do hope that 1 day the people sorry scumbags that are responsible for this disgusting practice of taking the money away from the sick & needy etc Ian Duncan smith are alone & some poor desperate soul at their wits end & with seemingly no hope asks for his wallet or else then maybe just maybe he'll realise what his & others actions have caused because this once great country of ours is imploding from within & now more than ever the rich are getting richer & the poor will just have to swallow it while we rot in the gutter
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