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  1. I agree completley. The Reciever has stated the seller (Bankruptee) told them and the Finance company the car had been written off and he disposed of it. Still. I can see the logic in taking the marker off? Its just openeing the door for sombody like me to get caught out.. I think to be honest his whole investiogation has started from him od disposing of the car. (HIDING it) What do you guys think my position is? What rights do you think I haver to the vehicle.? The Bankrupt has no asssets left and is broke... ?
  2. Thanks Guys, I mean that, taking the time to explain means a lot, Thankyou. An update for you. I have spoken to the investigator today. He just wants as much evidence as he can get to prosecute the seller for proceeds of crime. Whatever thay means. I have also spoken to the offical receiver and tustee. As I purchased the car in good faith, paid for it in full. Had a HPI certificate before I bought it, checked it whilst I was there on my phone and again yesturday, with them all showing clear of finance, I deem myslef to have purchased it in good faith. Its the seller who has
  3. Hello I would also like to know the outcome of this, this has just happened to me, exactly what has happened here! Except mine is a £20,000 Audi Q7.! Sorry this has happened to you mate. Proper feels like youve let your partner down doesnt it.! **** of the earth theses mongrals! What look have you had?
  4. I think that's what they want to investigate. Apparently he had hire purchase on it last year but it got wiped when he went bankrupt. He has obviously hid the car out of the way by saying he disposed of it last year, but really he kept it. Receiver new about it because be had 25k of finance on it. When he went bankrupt the hpi marker was wiped of the q7's hpi report so nothing showed up. Obviously I would of bought it otherwise.. I can't believe a finance company would remove the marker without getting paid. Or is that what they have to do if its been placed in the banckrup proceedings.
  5. Hello everybody, great forum. Im a newbie here so im sorry if this is in the wrong place. I have a potential serious problem. In August 2012, I purchased an Audi Q7 from a privateindividual from Derby. The car was advertised on Autotrader and EBay. I won thecar on eBay and went down to check it out. Everything checked out ok, the HPIreport was clean. I made arrangements to come and collect the car the followingweekend, when I had time to tax and insure the car for the way home. There was nothing wrong with the car and I paid £20,000 forit Cash. The seller
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