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  1. Great news, replacement vehicle should be with me early next week. The general manager has been absolutely great. Makes a change for good to have come from a bad situation. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Hi, sorry I forgot to reply to bank fodder, yes the dealer in question is Lookers in Carlisle its the multi franchise site, Nissan Renault and Dacia I believe, not the VW on the same estate. Thanks for all the advice and points up to now you have been great as per!! Lets see what today brings. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you, we are penning an email to the general manager now to see what his proposal is now that the vehicle has developed another fault on the drive home!
  4. Thank you for your swift reply. I wanted to be armed with the best information prior to contacting the general manager again and you have been a great help so thank you. Not wanting to over complicate matters if I was to return the vehicle, cancel the finance and receive a refund then submit a request for the balance of the £12500 purchase price and the circa £15,000 for a like for like replacement how would I stand? Or does it all need to be dealt with as one issue? I feel I am willing to take the long view on this as we have been more than accommodating and understanding, as I have a motor trade background, throughout the whole process.
  5. Hi Needing some advice and guidance, will keep this to the point and hopefully someone can help, It was a 40th treat for myself which makes it even worse for me. Viewed a vehicle on 04/11/18, at a Lookers dealer in Carlisle, 70+ miles from our home address, Paid full screen price, £12,500, paid £8000 on debit card and £4500 on finance, asked for a few cosmetic repair's to carried out as well as serviced, mot'd and fully valeted. Got train back to dealer on 17/11/18 with wife and kids to collect vehicle, only thing was it hadn't been cleaned at all well apart from that happy with vehicle and service received. Drove home, on returning home (82miles covered) not even 3 hours into ownership the vehicle has smoking badly from under the vehicle, the transfer box on the transmission had been leaking all over the exhaust and underside of vehicle causing the burning smell and smoke when arriving home. So at this time on a Saturday night the dealership was closed so emailed the salesman. The workshop manager contacted us Monday to arrange vehicle collection as they wanted the option to repair the vehicle at the purchasing dealership (which turned into a joke), the vehicle was collected on a trailer (20/11/18) and took back to Carlisle. The oil leak was rectified and the vehicle returned to my place of work on 23/11/18. I took delivery of the vehicle as the leak seemed to be rectified, when I left for work I tested the 4wd system which displayed a fault, contacted the general manager as it had been passed to him to deal with and verbally agreed he knew the 4wd was working prior to repair as he drove the vehicle when it was traded in, as I also knew it was working as I tested it before purchase. He contacted me to let me know he had booked it into the Lookers Ford dealer nearer to my home, great, dropped it Monday 26/11/18 to be inspected Tuesday, this didn't happen, the inspection took place on Wednesday, they condemned the transfer box, the General manager from Carlisle contacted me to state a new one would be fitted and he had authorised the repairs. Collect the vehicle 03/12/18 far dirtier than when I dropped it off and to discover a second-hand unit had been fitted not new, which has now shown a fault 1 day after the replacement transfer box. I'm at the end of my tether. Now this is where my problem starts...…. and for my post needing help!! (sorry for the long post) I don't think for one second they will challenge my rejection as he has already made this a evident to me over the phone. We have been more than reasonable and in turn they have been fine with us. But.. Its a 63 reg vehicle and only had 44K miles recorded and had a very high spec. if I'm just to simply take my money back and finance cancelled there is not another vehicle on the market to replace this one for the same value, some are £2000 plus more, I may be being stupid but I don't see why I should now be without a vehicle because of Lookers incompetence or having to be another £2k plus deeper into a vehicle. Not including all the cost to collect the vehicle etc. Is there any advice on how to progress with this? I want the vehicle that was described to me at initial purchase, however I have lost all faith in the one I have. Are they obliged to find me one either from group stock or from an alternative source? and if they are and it is at a higher price - do I have any rights with them to ask them to price match for the one I bought? I don't see why I should be out of pocket and back to square one, after viewing a few vehicles before purchasing this one. Thanks
  6. Letter from Lowells (back to them again) Dera sick as a chips other half,we want to help you clear your account we know it can be hard managing your finances and we are willing to be flexable with you. However we do need to hear from you to set up an arrangement and prevent any further action taking place. This debt is not going to go away and ignoring the probloem could make things worse for you. We have said in previous letters we require payment in full or if you cannot afford to pay it off in one go you can pay in installments monthly. Pay from just 66p per day. In an effort to demonstrate how flexible we are willing to to be we would like to offer you a monthly repayment plan, so that you no longer have to worry and to stop any further action, such as litigation. Blah Blah Blah how to pay etc........ .......Oh well since they are SO VERY concerned about me I think I'll............. ........... ignore them some more!In anyone's experience is this the step before they do really take me to court? Thanks
  7. Lovely letter back from the OFT confirming receipt of my complaint and saying it will go on file for reference!!!
  8. the address on the statement is po box 6476 northampton nn4 1zn statement dated back in 2007? reply card has providan national bank?
  9. DX I'm having trouble finding an address to send the SAR too?I've had a read through some threads on here and apparently Provident / Compucredit have moved about and been bought and sold a few times??Anyone out there know a current address for Compucredit????
  10. DX would you still SAR them even though they think they have provided a legit copy of a credit agreement and statements? Even though they have provided a reply card and a printout of transactions? Thanks
  11. Complaint form completed for the OFT:4: Complaint details We recieved a letter from Lowells on x date copy enclosed saying they were going to instruct solicitors in 5 days if we did not pay. We then recieved a letter dated x date (7days after 1st letter) from Red Debt Collection. We have now discovered that they are the same company with the same registered address and company number. They did not make this clear in either letter that this is a different trading style. We believe that this is an attempt to exploit is into believeing this was an escalation with reference to solicitors .Does this sound ok? They even provide a freepost address to send it too!!
  12. They sent a copy of a reply card which I've posted up here if you need to see it in an earlier post. I've not sent that letter but its very good thank you but again I may hold off on that as it tells them I know what they have sent is rubbish. It ref's to terms and conditions but none supplied. It is signed but no rates or anything on it! Do you think I should push it further? Last payment was def march but they have a payment down in June I may well request further details on to make sure I did pay it then and its not made up to give them more time before its SB!
  13. Dated 2001 and last payment 2007 and yeah its showing on the credit file. I'm thinking of not showing my cards and ignoring them till they decide its almost. SB and take me to court then requesting the rest of the documents and terms and conditions?
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