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  1. Hi


    Thanks for the info, I didn't know about that website. Everything's there, the rent is registered etc. Here's the non identifiable info

    Commenced onc1975Rental PeriodCal MonthTermNot applicableCouncil Tax borne byTenantOther rates borne byTenantAllocation of liability for repairsLandlord responsible for repairs and external decorations. Tenant responsible for internal decorations.Services provided by landlordNoneFurniture provided by landlordNoneOther terms of tenancy taken into consideration in determining fair rentNoneREGISTRATION


    Application made byLandlordApplication received on15th June 2011Exempt from Maximum Fair RentNoLast registration dated15th September 2009Effective from15th September 2009Registration No.R14157072 (a) RENT registered by RENT OFFICER

    (EXCLUSIVE of rates) £385.00 per Cal Month (d) Amount of fuel charge (excluding heating and lighting of common parts) not counting for rent allowance None(b) Registered on9th August 2011(e) Noted amount attributable to servicesNone© Effective from15th September 2011(g) Remarks (* Denotes shared facilities)(h) Referred to RAC onNot applicableTick box if cancellation application has been receivedNot ticked


    Our rent is £385/cal month. Which for the size of the property is extremely low. This is one of the reasons we never moved.

    The last 14 months have left us feeling very insecure after being left to live our lives in peace for so many years previously. It all makes us feel like second class citizens somehow.

    We understand that giving up a regulated tenancy is a bad move. We'll see how the next six months pan out.

    Thanks again

  2. Hi

    Sorry about the length of this post.

    I've rented the house I live in for over 36 years. When my first wife and I first moved in, 1976, I asked the landlord for an agreement/contract. He said "we won't bother with that". We did get a proper rent book. So I have a Protected Tenancy.

    The years passed and I always kept the property in an excellent state of decoration and have promptly reported any structural/repair problems. It's a large house with large garden, was built in 1825 and I've always been happy living here. The original landlord died over 25 years ago and his son took over. He lives in another part of the country.

    Everything was OK, no problems, we paid the rent and considered ourselves to be first rate tenants, who looked after the property and kept it in a good state. In 1995 when my first marriage broke down and I got into short term financial difficulties, the landlord was understanding.

    In July 2011 a woman knocked at the door and said she was from the landlords agents, a local estate agent, that she was with the owner of the agents and they were inspecting the property next door as it was vacant. They were looking at what renovations/repairs were needed there. The same landlord owns that house as well. She asked whether we had any work that needed doing and I said no. She went away, then returned about 20 minutes later with a man and asked if they could come in to look around so they could "understand the layout of the property next door." I said OK and showed them round. They were very pleasant and went on their way. Then the work started next door. To say we were driven nearly to desperation by the noise is an understatement. It went on for over seven months, finally ending in March this year. I complained many times but the agents told me to complain directly to the company doing the work. I complained to the local council who were useless. In September 2011 we were a couple of days late paying the rent, no more than that, we'd had a family upset and had been away and been otherwise occupied. The agents sent a man round who literally jumped over the front gate and started peering in through the windows. When I opened the door he said he was from the agents, handed me a mobile phone and said they had been trying to contact me. I spoke to them and when they explained what it was about I explained the situation and said the payment had been made, which it had. I asked why they had sent this man round to harrass us about this when they could have written a letter. They ignored me. Then last October, 2011, we got a letter from the landlords agent saying that under the terms of our contract we had to allow them to inspect the property. We were confused at this, I called them and said we'd never had an inspection before and didn't have a contact. They said they'd made a mistake about that, but the landlord had asked them to start these inspections. That they would take place annually in our case. We felt that we were being treated as though we were untrustworthy, but I agreed to the inspection. There were no problems.

    In May this year the agents called us and said they needed to measure the property as the landlord was distributing some of his property between his children. After the upsets of the last eight months we were getting fed up of these intrusions and I told them so. However I agreed to the visit. The owner of the agents arrived and was pleasant and civil while he carried out his measurements.

    Now they've sent an email telling us our "three monthly inspection" is due. I sent them an email saying that the inspections are annual and offered a day/time for the inspection. I am prepared to accept that the amail may be a standard one and they've made another mistake. It is almost a year since the last inspection. So far I haven't had a response as they sent the email on Friday tea time.

    We've nothing hide or be worried about, but I would like to know whether they can just decide to start these inspections out of the blue after so many years without doing any. We haven't received any letters or proper confirmation that these inspections will be required or their frequency.

    I could seek professional advice but don't want to create any problems unless necessary.

    I feel torn between thinking there's a hidden agenda to all this and that there's nothing to worry about. After the last 14 months we no longer feel secure or safe here and are making plans to move in April 2013.

    Are we over reacting?

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