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  1. Hi again Thanks very much for your information and support, it's genuinely appreciated. We've taken what you've said on board. We both feel a lot better having had this dialogue. Helps us know we're not alone. Because like all bullies LL/EA try to get their way by tyring making you feel isolated. Thanks again
  2. Hi Thanks for the info, I didn't know about that website. Everything's there, the rent is registered etc. Here's the non identifiable info Commenced onc1975Rental PeriodCal MonthTermNot applicableCouncil Tax borne byTenantOther rates borne byTenantAllocation of liability for repairsLandlord responsible for repairs and external decorations. Tenant responsible for internal decorations.Services provided by landlordNoneFurniture provided by landlordNoneOther terms of tenancy taken into consideration in determining fair rentNoneREGISTRATION Application made byLandlordApplication recei
  3. Hi Sorry about the length of this post. I've rented the house I live in for over 36 years. When my first wife and I first moved in, 1976, I asked the landlord for an agreement/contract. He said "we won't bother with that". We did get a proper rent book. So I have a Protected Tenancy. The years passed and I always kept the property in an excellent state of decoration and have promptly reported any structural/repair problems. It's a large house with large garden, was built in 1825 and I've always been happy living here. The original landlord died over 25 years ago and his son took over. He
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