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  1. What would you guys advise? Should I ignore the review and let them just cancel the HB, write them a letter to cancel or suck it up and try and get this paperwork together? many thanks,
  2. Well I hadn't yet, but was planning on sending in my cancellation to save me the hassle of the review. Would that work? Or am I better off ignoring the request for information as they say they will cancel if I do that anyway?
  3. Hi there, I was hoping for advice. I have been asked for all my financial information for the last 2 months in order to continue recieving housing benefit. However, I no longer wish to recieve the benefit as we are about to come into some money which will make us illegible. The letter states that If we dont' reply within a month then they will stop the payments. Will this also mean that they will investigate us? I would rather just stop everything without any drama. The information they are asking for is quite hard to get, some of it will be assessments from student loans that haven't arrived yet. Any advice is much appreciated.
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