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  1. Hi Armadillo71, Thanks for this. Frankly, the letter is more about establishing grounds for an harassment action than for anything else. In the event that they take me to court, I will have demonstrated that they failed to evidence the existence of a contract when requested. A single demand for money and a threat of X without evidencing a contractual or statutory basis for the liability is simply demanding with menaces (Theft Act 1968). A continued demand for money when a request has been made for evidence of a contractual or statutory basis for the liability is harassment (as defined by
  2. The answer to your last two questions is in the body of the letter. Nothing that I have written is twaddle. It was passed around three solicitors before being sent. If you have nothing constructive to add, please leave others to offer me advice.
  3. Is that directed at me? At no point did I mention that silly notion. All I am doing is asking for the firm in question to establish beyond any reasonable doubt that a contract (that was breached) did exist between the driver of the vehicle and themselves. Nothing to do with "Freeman of the Land" nonsense. I've had three solicitors look at this letter and all of them are very happy with it. Seriously, if this is the best this forum can offer, I'm not sure why I bothered coming here.
  4. Hi folks, I've received a PCN from G24 Ltd and have written the below letter in response. I think I'm pretty well on top of it, but any extra advice warmly welcomed. Thanks, Peter+ -------------Letter Follows-------------- I have received a communication from you which arrived on the 26th of August 2015 claiming a breach of contract between the driver of the vehicle registered XXXXXXX of which I am the registered keeper. At this point I accept no liability and do not accept any breach of contract. I do not admit being the driver of the vehicle at the ti
  5. I have a quick question and wondered if anyone can help. If a debt collection agency writes a letter to you, do they need to have some form of proof of delivery in order to demonstrate to a judge that the letter was delivered? I can see a situation where a firm cannot prove delivery of correspondence and therefore could be judged to have not communicated in an appropriate manner before a final demand. This is all theoretical - I don't actually have any debts.
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