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  1. Thank you for your replies. We had an AST that ran from Feb 11 to Feb 12. At the end of December 11 the landlord indicated that he wanted to do some work on the house during the summer but was vague about exact dates so when our tenancy expired in February we refused to sign another one until we had confirmation in the form of a written contract of his arrival and departure date, and that he would be responsible for bills, breakages etc. We finally had this in June and never did sign another AST, our tenancy was referred to by the lettings agents as a monthly rolling contract. In August
  2. Hi, I moved out of my rented house two weeks ago and my landlord is witholding my deposit of £1800 as he says that there is damage to the property that needs rectifying. The damage he refers to is a small chip in a glass door that occured when we fitted a new, secure lock to the back door and some scuff marks on the wooden floor. Whilst we do not dispute that this damage is there we are concerned that our landlord is making what is quite minor damage sounds much worse than it actually is and is trying to get more money from us than is necessary. Our landlord asked us to move
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