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  1. The credit file says 15,000, so it's huge compared to what I borrowed! Only 3000 originally, and I paid most of it back! What is a MIF? They haven't tried to contact me for a long time now! I wish I had contacted them now!
  2. Ok I got it, it does say that they have a charge against our home, however underneath it says NOTE: copy filed.... Does this mean it's spent? The charge went on in August 2007 not 2008!
  3. Sorry I am not sure how to chech, is it just a website i can check on? I was told it was secured on the property when I took out the loan. In 2008. I will probably have the agreement too somewhere. Sorry about this!
  4. Thanks, The loan was not a refinance, and I definitely didn't take out ppi, my credit file says I owe them, and that it is default I just checked tonight. I know that in the beginning I was paying only 2.00 off the debt a month as the interest was only 2.00 less than my monthly payment. I am a total novice to debts etc, I am just trying to re mortgage and I need to be sure first. Thanks for you help!
  5. My husband an I took out a welcome finance loan in 2008, and we were fine at first keeping up with payments. We had a few issues and couldn't meet the payments. We had people threatening to take our house from us, and knocking on the door. Eventually I wrote a letter to them explaining our circumstances and an offer of payment, and everything stopped. They never took a payment from our bank, and haven't sent any further correspondence since other than statements. All contact has stopped, my friend said it is because they have gone bankrupt, but this loan is secured on our home and I am worried that it will come back to bite me! Does anyone have any advice, or is this because they are no longer seeking payments for accounts? Thank you in advance.
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