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  1. Thank you for your help The trust came into effect when it was signed. I think I'll just be the policyholder and not mention the trust. But I am leaving the legal wrangles to after an event.
  2. unclebulgaria67--It would be interesting what the land registry shows as the ownership of the house My parent’s names are the registered owners of the property.
  3. Thank You, The purpose of the trust is to make land available for occupation by the life tenant. The trust fund is the property also money and investments from time to time representing it .It does not mention who should insure it, or beneficial interest. Surley I have a beneficial interest in the property as it is for my life tenancy; I have an insurable interest? Trying to explain the workings of a trust fund to the avenge telephone operator at an insurance call centre is a real headache and yes I'm worried that its just complicating things, and I’m sure my relatives wo
  4. Insuring a property held in trust I live in a property held in a Deed of Trust, set up by my parents as the original trustees. A trust fund from which I am the beneficiary, the life tenant. The trust is held to one third to my children, one third to my sister or children and one third to my brother or children. The original trustees: my mother is deceased and my father is old and ill perhaps not competent anymore. The trust is irrevocable and intended to for the rest of my life. My question is can I insure the property (being the beneficiary) simply as the policyholder. N
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