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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Interesting, as HSBC caused me, and probably many others with them and the other banks, stress as well. I got seven calls from their call centre one day even though they knew I had taken out a court action against them. I didnt answer the phone that day and did a 1471 when it stopped ringing just to see how many times they would try to contact me. They tried three times on my mobile the same day (shame it was my old number and phone) I moved providers and forgot to tell the bank.
  3. Ok will try that By the way did anyone else read of the single parent (mother) in plymouth who just won a court case against her bank for harrasment from the call centre and the stress it caused her? Damages are yest to be awarded. I read it in last Wednesdays Swansea Metro but did not have a pen to write the details down (it was in a waiting room)
  5. Hi Just a quick note to say that I have settled with HSBC but will be taking out a new action for the bank charges issued after I entered my first claim. I will also be issung the waste of time claim with the court. I am also starting a complaint to the ombusman as they have closed my bank account during the proceedings and also they also passed the overdraft (ALL of it bank charges) to MCS after I comenced the court action. Should be fun, Got all of my Money back but not the the claimed interest so it is time for me to get my revenge. Question re the waste of courts time how do I
  6. Hi whilst going through the forums today I found that lots of cases had been transfered to Cardiff. Barclays, Natwest and Lloyds customers. Have any other HSBC customers been transfered there?
  7. Hi there point to note my HSBC case has been transfered to Cardiff as well, Question can we claim for travel expenses as it has been moved from our local court due to the actions of the banks solicitors. Why should we be out of pocket (again) because of their actions.
  8. Does anyone know what happened re All of the direction hearings at Cardiff on the 26th March?
  9. They have offered the £2281.77p twice and do not want to increase it That amounts to only the charges and not the interest (caused by their charges) which is £471 difference also they insist on paying all of it into my account. I want a cheque for the balance after my account is zeroised, as I want to decide where the rest of the money goes. I have defaulted on a personal loan due to their charges and have an agreement with MCS over repayment. Loan got defaulted when my (soon to be ex) wife stopped paying her half of it in April last year (£180 per month) I paid all of it for as long
  10. Yup posted AQ on time (HSBC didnt, they were given two weeks by Court) then when they did post their AQ they asked for (and got) a Four week stay to come to an agreement with me. Basically during this time their offer has not changed from before the AQ ie £2281.77p where I am claiming £2752.49p from them. Have declined their offer for the second time and also the conditions they imposed in it eg Only pay it into my account. Also in my letter to court I am enclosing the legal cases I will be citing in my claim (just to let them know I am serious and also in the right) I am a ex compu
  11. I am going to send this to the court. I wish to have the order to transfer my case to Cardiff Civil Justice Centre set aside on the following grounds. I would have great difficulty in attending the rearranged venue due to it being over 95 miles from my home, Carmarthen only being 26 miles away. As I am the Claimant, I understand that I have the right to have my case heard at my local county court. It would cause me great financial hardship to attend Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, as I am a student and can only work part time and earn just over £400 per month. I have actually
  12. Hi I live in West Wales and my case was supposed to be held in Carmarthen but today I recieved a general form of Judgement or Order saying that the local judge had transfered my case to Cardiff Civil Justice Centre. Carmarthen is 26 miles away from me Cardiff is 95 miles What can I do to have this transfer order set aside? Has anyone else had this happen?
  13. Hi They did not file the AQ but did after the court sent them a seven day notification. They have also upped their offer by the AQ fee but it is still over £400 short of my claim. (also said they would pay it into my MCS account if I accepted!) They also transfered my account to Metropolitan Collection services so I am getting hassel from them. I am now writing a letter to the court detailing their transfer to MCS and the hassel I got so it can be attached to my file (at least the judge will know of their bullying tactics) One point of interest whilst talking to the Carmarthen Court cler
  14. I have received a offer of £2181.77 from DG solicitors, but as my claim now totals £2728.49 I am declining it. I am also in that claiming the interest placed on my account as I beleive I would not have incurred it but for their charges. I await their reply with interest! My claim now totals £2728.49, this is made up as follows:- Accumulated penalties £1968.00 Interest charged on my account £ 293.72 Interest on penalties at 8% £ 223.77 Daily interest since Dec 16th £ 23.00 Court fees £ 220.00
  15. HGI my due date is before the 28th January and I am planning to file them on 25/26th as 28th is a Sunday. What should the file contain re correspondance ie All of it, mine and theirs or just mine?
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