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  1. Thank you v. much Andy - I have only popped online quickly and will check back later on. Thanks again.
  2. Hi - I'm a new user here, I don't really understand forums but am desperate for some help and had been looking at a similar thread re. the LSC registering a Statutory Charge after 14 years but that has not been commented on since 2010. Unfortunately, I have a deadline coming up on 2 November so thought I best post a new thread due to the time constraints! I would really appreciate any guidance or advice as this is becoming very worrying and stressful now. This is going to be quite complicated to explain but here goes... It's a very long story but my parent's had some issues when the
  3. Hi - I've been following this thread and really desperate for any guidance / advice as we are in a similar position and now have an upcoming deadline before the case is referred to the adjudicator (despite our valid objections and agreement to negotiate which seem to be constantly overlooked). Would therefore appreciate any feedback or updates you may have (especially badlydoneto and ian111 who's experiences seem very similar) . Many Thanks!
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