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  1. Thank you for the reply. As I can see it we are within our rights to stay here for the 3 years but now will come the decision as to whether we want to? I could imagine the landlord being incredibly difficult. Decision to be made now is do we agree to the revised terms and leave after the 6 months but we can't find another rental property that we love and we are still a long way off finding a suitable piece of land or renovation project!
  2. Help needed .... brief summary below We (the tenants) signed a three year lease with no break clauses. The lease was signed by ourselves (the tenants) and the agents (on behalf of the landlord). The landlord and the agents have subsequently fallen out and we are now having to deal directly with the landlord (we are now 4 months into the tenancy) The landlord has phoned us today to say that the lease that we signed is null and void as it is not the lease that they agreed to as they wanted a six month rolling (so basically the flexibility to get rid of us when they want - I have
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