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  1. I have a Lloyds issued Mastercard which I used to rent a car. The car rental company ( a UK-only franchise chain) took a £425 deposit by phone. They delivered the car to me and collected it. When they collected the car at 10.25, the collection driver verbally confirmed that the car was Ok with no damage. He did not leave any paperwork. I then got a phone call from the rental company's office at 10.32 saying that I had not left the signed rental agreement and that they would continue to charge me daily rental until I sent it to them. I emailed it to them a few minutes later. The collection driver drove the car to the company's office about 20miles away, a journey time of around an hour. I called them at about 4.30 to confirm that they had the signed agreement and that everything was Ok - which it was. However, I then got a call from them at 5pm to say that they had found damage to the car which I would have to agree to pay for or they would continue to keep the car on hire to me. I explained that I had no knowledge of the damage. They said it was stone chip and the cost of repair would be £150 +vat. I asked to see evidence and they sent me photos. They then refunded part of my deposit, but kept the additional £180. The stone chip was on the rear bumper and was very small - approx 2mm. To cut the story short... I emailed the photos Vauxhall who confirmed that the chip was very minor and a touch-up pen would be sufficient to repair - a maximum cost of less than £10. The stone chip was not noticed on the colletion inspection. The point I made to the rental company was that the damage probably occurred after they had collected the car from me, whilst their driver was taking it back to their base. The rental company have not responded to any of my letters or emails since. I disputed the amount with Lloyds and asked them to refund the amount. Lloyds rejected my claim because, "...the charges were outlined in your rental agreement which you signed." " ...What this means is that you may be charged for additional items such as for any damage found on the car whilst in your possession". I phoned them and pointed out that the car was not in my possession when the damage was found. And that the damage had been found 6h 30mins after they had collected it and had driven it themselves 20 miles to their base. Lloyds said that I didn't have evidence of this because the collection driver had not left the collection inspection check slip. However, I have kept careful phone logs - screen grabs from my mobile, and I have a written statement of the person who handed over the keys to their collection driver. lloyds said that this wasn't enough for them to refund the amount. Before I try to reclaim my money from the rental company by suing in the small claims court, I want to have another go at getting Lloyds to refund it. Do you have any advice, and/or is there any relevant legislation?
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