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  1. He buys his own food as I can't afford to feed him as well as myself and child. Anyway just got back from my solicitors and he thinks its come about due to his post etc coming to the house. He seems to think that I have a good case as I was wrongly informed by my advisor on the rules. He said that at the interview he goes in first and they tell him of what evidence they have and then he comes to me to tell me and we discuss the best way forward an then we go ahead with the interview. They haven't said anything about a time scale and all my bank statements clearly show all the bill
  2. If we go together then we share a trolly but pay separate or I might go during the week for my food n then accompany him on a Friday to get his. Surely I can't be in trouble for going shopping with him??! That's just stupid!!
  3. I can see how it would look to the investigators but I was only going on what I had been told by my advisor at the job centre. Even if they have bank statements there is nothing on them, am slightly worried if they have pics though as we go to asda together n they might try and portray that in a way to suit them. Is there any way my solicitor can find out what evidence they have before the interview? Like you have said its total ignorance and I haven't done it intentionally, I am absolutely petrified though in case I get sent to prison as I am my sons only parent and my parents live far awa
  4. What kind of evidence will they have collected? Obviously his post and car but what else can they use? Will they have been watching me and taking videos/pictures? That's just creepy if they have!!
  5. I fully agree that they should inform every person claiming as single of the rules and regulations! I will most certainly be bringing up what my advisor told me about the 3 night rule as this is one of the main reasons I didn't know that what I have been doing is classed as benefit fraud! I am more than willing to pay back what I owe but I just don't want to be found guilty of doing it on purpose when I genuinely thought what i was doing was perfectly above board and within the rules. I am a honest and genuine person and if I am wrong I always apologise n try to put right.
  6. I know he sounds awful but he isn't! He has helped me through some very difficult times and supported me and my child emotionally. I had major trust and commitment issues when we first started seeing each other due to my child's sperm donor having a secret family behind my back!! He has helped me to trust and reminded me that not all men are cheating lying scumbags!! Thank you for your good wishes though
  7. The other thing is that they are still paying my benefits? Is this normal as I thought they would stop them while investigating?
  8. Thank you again to everyone for advice, good and bad! I can see how it looks if you don't know the facts but its the truth! If I thought it was illegal and committing fraud I would never have said yes to him using my address. I just honestly thought that because he only stays 3 nights on a weekend (sometimes only 2) and doesn't contribute to the household then it was fine to do so. Obviously I have spoke to my boyfriend and informed him of what's happening and he feels like its all his fault. He wants to move in and support us financially ( it will be a struggle) how would this affect th
  9. Am seeing a solicitor tomorrow and they are also going to accompany me to the interview. I have racked my brains trying to think of who has reported me but I keep coming up with a blank. The only thing I can think of is that they have cross referenced with his car, driving license, inland revenue and tax. It's just all so complicated!!!
  10. He can prove that he stops in b and bs during the week, he has all his receipts for that. The problem is that I honestly believed that I wasn't doing anything wrong!! There rules and regulation are so complex that you can't understand it all, he doesn't contribute anything and rightly so, why should he support someone else's child financially?!
  11. His post does get sent here and car and everything is registered here but his belongings aren't. I haven't even had a visit, have been asked to attend the interview under caution. Does this mean its really bad? Did u have to go to court?
  12. I have absolutely no problem with paying back if they decide I have done wrong, I just hope they can see that I haven't meant to do anything wrong.
  13. I honestly believed that I was doing nothing wrong! He asked if he could use my address and I said ok, not thinking anything of it. What will happen if they decide I have done wrong? I am more than willing to pay back what I owe if it turns out I have done wrong. Bang! - what is the obvious thing to do for women in receipt of benefits dating a contractor?
  14. He doesn't use any additional gas/electricity as I would use the same if he was here or not on a weekend, he gets the odd shower but that's it!
  15. He keeps some toiletries and a few clothes here but the rest of his stuff is at a friends house. He buys his own food if he eats here or generally goes out for food.
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