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  1. Before Jan 2007, I wasn't in debt because I always payed off my debts using my student stipend. Just received a letter today ... thought this was all over. But the bank have discovered that they failed to factor in compound interest. So I am now due a further £7500
  2. Yes, they are there. I did look once before and they weren't there. This could get interesting. I've sent an enquiry. Thanks for this advice. I've had to put down another £195 pounds to stop my belongings from being "auctioned off". One box contained kitchen ware, another contained bed linen. I know another box contained all my university textbooks from doing a PhD at Edinburgh (Supercomputing, parallel processing, computer graphics, visualisation). It does seem a bit suspicious that these items should "disappear" when I try to send them to France.
  3. About a year ago, I tried to get my belongings out of storage (August 2015), by sending them notification of my new address in France. Then they had a major panic attack. They had relocated their facilities to Granton in Edinburgh in March 2015 and, they couldn't find my belongings. They lost two general managers over this. Had a phone call yesterday from their Glasgow manager who is taking over Edinburgh. I've been told that they are going to write off my belongings as "lost" if they can't be found in the next two weeks. Mostly they were anything that I couldn't take onboard an airplane for being too fragile, bulky or heavy. Kitchenware, towels, academic books/papers, PC components/electronics. Some things included a Micromark Colour Camera (SCART connector), Hauppauge WinTV satellite card.
  4. Hello, I home someone can help with this problem. Around December 2009, after finishing university I put some belongings in storage with Clockwork Removals in Edinburgh figuring I would have them transported once I started work again. About a year ago, I requested that they send my items over to France. Then we discovered that these items (six packing boxes) had been "misplaced" when they moved to new premises in Granton. I've been trying for a year to get my belongings returned or a refund (£65 x 12 months x 6 years = £5500 + value of belongings). Needless to say, Clockwork aren't cooperating. The first time, they asked if I could come up to their warehouse to help identify my belongings. Second time they said they had found my four chairs. Third time, they refuse to talk. It looks like I am having to go legal on this one?
  5. I moved into a new apartment just a month ago. Within a week, I got my first letter from Utility Warehouse: September 10th - I received a letter from UW demanding my bank details for direct debit, otherwise asking for a deposit. September 17th - Demanded a deposit of £100 per utility (gas/electricity), with a threat to install pre-payment meters. September 28th - Another introduction as my supplier and demand for £100 per utility. October 12th - Demanded payment for £200, threatening a court warrant to enter premises by force and install pre-payment meters with a further charge of £720 for being a dual-fuel customer. Fortunately, I have changed over to another supplier (SSE), though that was blocked because the gas meter didn't have a serial number. I couldn't get the serial number of the meter until I had a bill. So after all those letters grief and aggro, I finally get a bill for £12 from UW.
  6. Will it affect anyone who got compensation after taking the case to the Financial Ombudsman?
  7. You'll find my battle somewhere on this site. Signed up for a new credit card account with Clydesdale by post back in 1991. They had the opt-out box with the confusing small print back 25 years too. Out of the 40 or so different opt-out boxes, that was the one box that had reverse logic and small print. Someone had to design that form. Someone had to provide a specification for that form. Someone had to approve the design of that form. That was 25 years ago. In all probability, those individuals will have moved on elsewhere.
  8. Well, if they never sent you a copy, it's null and void. They should have had an adviser talk you through the agreement and have you sign to prove that this happened. If they didn't do that, you were wrongly advised. You can use the Data Protection Act to request a copy of the original credit card agreement. If that doesn't say anything either you have a very good case.
  9. Many thanks for all your help. Clydesdale bank finally coughed up. £12000 from PPI funds was deposited into my account. Basically they have paid back all my interest payments for pasts ten years, that accumulated since March 2002.
  10. I did some research into who was handling my case. Discovered there was a social network going all the way to the the principal of my university and the treasury committee. Strangely enough, it wasn't until I had quite literally run out of money that they suddenly decided to let me complete my PhD.
  11. After 12 weeks after the FOS decision in my favour, waiting 10 weeks, then writing directly to the their chairman, Clydesdale bank sent me settlement letter - a form asking for my signature to accept the FOS decision and rulings for a decision, with no mention of the estimated amounts.
  12. Yorkshire bank are co-owned with Clydesdale bank by the NAB group (National Australian Bank group). All the complaint lines go to the same email groups. Look for my thread and you'll see that they are actually employing business psychologists to handle claimants.
  13. Poked the FOS with a stick a few days ago. Got them to give me some information about who they were talking to: From: Deloittes Norrina Meechan [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of FOS PPI Team Sent: 25 March 2013 12:18 To: Financial Ombudsman Service PPI Subject: Re: Your ref: XXXX/XX-XXXXXX/JH - XX XXXXXXXX complaint about Clydesdale Bank Plc (Our ref: XXXXXXXXXXX) Dear Sir/Madam I refer to your email below. Please accept our apologies for the delay, however I can advise that we have only received the spreadsheet today (dated 18/03/2013) instructing us to settle this case. I trust this meets your requirements, but if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on: [email protected] Regards, Norrina Meechan Customer Partner FOS PPI Team I looked up the name to see who was handling my case, and was extremely concerned that my case isn't being handled by an accountant, clerk, auditor, but a business psychologist (http://www.mclaughlingray.co.uk). This seems rather sinister - A British bank now owned by international shareholders is now employing psychologists to delay customers getting their own money back.
  14. Just got a judgement from the FOS. Ruled in my favour then closed the case. The bank still hasn't paid up. I sent the FOS a spreadsheet with the total cost of PPI, credit card interest and statutory 8% interest. FOS sent the spreadsheet along with a "chase letter" to the bank, but nothing happening. FOS refuse to say when I'll get a refund. It looks like it's just going to have to go to the courts, especially since the bank is still making a loss and the parent company is trying to sell them off. Did a check of the executive directors, and one of them was a previous director of the Australian FOS. So the bank knows how to play the waiting game. Whatever is to replace the FOS needs to have the power to suspend the trading of a bank if they keep behaving like dodgy market-square traders.
  15. It's been 8 weeks now, no word from the bank. Called up the FOS, and they said it was really 9 weeks for them. FOS have sent Clydesdale Bank a "chase" letter, and if the bank doesn't respond, FOS will issue them with a fine.
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