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  1. sorry for late reply x thanks very much guys! i know better what to do and I will definitely learn from this lesson!
  2. I Situation At the end of last month I finally have received my first letter by RLP. I was caught shoplifting in Tesco in September. a. No police was involved. b. The total amount in goods was around £15, and I am pretty sure that it could be reselled. c. Everything was done in 20 minutes. There were two security guards asking me questions, and I was asked to give them my name, address, telephone number, and passport number. d. I did sign on two sheets--a banning notice and a notice of intended civil recovery respectively. e. The 'fine' was £137.5. f. I am now over 18. II What have I learn from CAG: a. I am now still innocent, and it is extremely unlikely that I will be sued. b. RLP does not have any legal rights to 'fine' me, although its threat will be harsher and harsher. c. The best choices are either ignoring them completely, or sending them a short note a single line reply "I deny any liability to you or your client". d. I promise I will NEVER do such stupid things again. This is a very good lesson. III What do I still have in doubt? a. With regard to their 'database', is it very unlikely that it will really affect my future employment and credit? b. Does it make any difference whether I send them that short note reply? c. In usual cases, how long does it take to eventually stop from hearing from RLP? Will they call except from threatening letters? d. I will be applying for a student Visa in a year or two, will it be influenced by this stupid mistake? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sincerely look forward to your replies. THANK YOU!
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