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  1. Hello Gavmoulds, From what I have learnt, this is a very common tactic from companies where debts have been included in a bankruptcy. As stated above, they have no legal powers to retrieve any money or possessions from you. They will as you are finding out, attempt to retrieve what they can. Have you checked your credit file recently? If not sign up to noddle, its free, and even though it may not be considered the best source of credit information, it will at least give you another perspective on what is happening. It will also show up if any debts that were included in your bankrupt
  2. Dear CAG, I filed for Bankruptcy in 2010. I am now a discharged bankrupt and have been for 18 months or so. I recently checked my credit report and I have found that 4 lenders have been marking my report with a default since the date of my bankruptcy. Speaking with the credit agency, they informed me that there now should be no record of these debts as they were part of the bankruptcy in 2010. Interestingly, these 4 lenders are posting monthly defaults for some very insignificant amounts, compared to the likes of Natwest which held my business account. There is no record of thi
  3. Hi CAG, I recently received a letter from the lewis group regarding outstanding ebay fees of £72.38. I have done some investigation and I found I owed ebay £56 from an old account that I couldnt remember the username for. I have now paid this, although I had already emailed the below letter to the lewis group, I have yet to send it via post and will do tomorrow. I assume the lewis group can not pursue me for their charges? if so can you advise the next steps. kind regards. RJWR. *PLEASE NOTE THIS COMMUNICATION WILL BE OFFICIALLY SENT TO The Lewis Group LTD VIA ROYAL MAIL SPEC
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