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  1. x Thanks for the reply, I had a read of this the other day but i'm just wondering how to go about getting this refund sorted as they are outrightly refusing and they don't have a head office that I can write a letter of complaint to.
  2. Thanks for the reply and information, they have refused over the phone to take them back and have not replied to my emails. What can I do about this now?
  3. Hi all, I bought a pair of trainers off Sole Heaven via their online store with a discount code through my debit card on paypal. However I would like to return them, I went to speak with the sales assistant via phone regarding processing the return to be referred to this on their website: "DISCOUNT CODES If you have used a discount code on your order all sales are final. We do not accept any exchange or refund on items relating to that order. Please refer to specific terms relating to each individual code." Is this definitely 100%? I ask because of distance selling regulations and things relating to that. If it is right I will let it go and will sell them via ebay, however this is the first time i've come across a refund policy like this. Thanks in advance
  4. I personally felt that your previous reply was rather judgmental, which is what lead to my previous reply, before you respond I am entitled to my opinion. As soon as I get my finances in order I will be willing to pay them the bulk off, but at the current moment minus the £400 saved its not a viable option other than installments out of wages received. I appreciate the information in the above quote, I am having a meeting with my manager today so will hopefully get this sorted out. Thankyou.
  5. Where did I state that it was my employers fault? I said they were shady. Did you not read the part where I said my manager said I was free the spend the first part as they thought it was correct initially? Clearly not. I appreciate the fact that you give advice, but not if your gonna be like this. I accept the problem, I wanted to know where I stood when it came to the figure given, someone else politely replied. Please refrain from replying to my post if your just gonna point the fingers because as I stated in the original post and I quote "I want to pay them back", I came here looking for some answers not the whole you messed up mentality as I already have part of the money saved aside. I'm asking for advice not judgement. Chill.
  6. Yeah thats fine, i'm willing to pay the amount providing its broken down and justified. Thanks for the help.
  7. Installments is because I personally don't think I owe them 1.4K Gross, the first overpayment I saw I told my manager, he said no that's normal if anything you've been underpaid so I was told that I was free to spend it, and as I did stupid overtime and thought it totted up but apparently not. I genuinely thought it was right thats why I have queried the recoup money figure. The second overpayment I have aside, but thats only £400 they overpaid me the second time. I would love to do the whole £1.4K in one sum but I am a student who works 20 hours a week, not a full time working professional, I just moved into my own place and I am already struggling financially as the SLC are dropping my loan super late due to them messing up, which means all my money minus the £400 put aside has gone towards my house i/e deposit which was £800 odd, first month of rent and bills, i'm already in my overdraft at the moment which is a rare because I always have that extra bit of money always available for "what if" moments. My managers are being shady in the respect that there is a lack of clarity on the whole situation also because its taken them so long (over a month) to acknowledge what has happened and to get me a figure. I hope this provides you with a further understanding, thanks.
  8. Hi all - New to the forum so sorry if wrong forum. So i'd like to know where I stand and what can be done. I'd like to beforehand state: - I informed them of the overpayment initially then they allowed it to happen for the second month in a row even after telling them. - I want to pay them back however: Ok so for the past 2 months i've been overpaid equating to an overpayment total of roughly £1400, I told them when they overpaid me the first time as soon as I received my payslip and they said "we'll sort it out, you need to do nothing more" I kept chasing them (the managers) up about it and asked for a direct HR email to be told I wasn't allowed it as they the managers had to deal with it, come the second pay day I got overpaid again. They finally got back to me the other day with the total stating it was roughly £1400 GROSS. Which can be paid back in installments which is fine.. I still annoyed as I didn't ask for this extra money I already told them of this problem straight away and now I owe money to my workplace when I am already struggling financially. However I feel this figure is wrong, I feel they have taken my bonuses into this recoup money and also does gross mean the tax and NI money taken is included in the figure? I have requested a breakdown but its gonna be emailed again.. Can I request a written/printed or some kind of official breakdown or do I have to go with the figure given that was emailed to me? HR and my managers are being so shady that its annoying and no one wants to take accountability, I just don't know where I stand.. Thanks in advance..
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